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Welcome to the iPhone Wiki

This is a conglomerate work of everything done by everyone on Apple's amazing iDevices. Anyone can contribute here, just ask an administrator for an account. Currently there are 4,529 users that contribute to this wiki, with 16,399 articles.

  • Check out the most recent article changes.
  • Get up to speed in the community (and learn about how jailbreaks work).
  • Read (and edit) the constitution to understand what purpose this wiki serves.
  • Read the timeline to see where we are.
  • Read the community portal to find out what people request to be added/changed.
  • Read the ground rules to know what you should and should not post in this wiki.
  • If you have notes on something you did, post them here, no matter how ugly.
  • If you see something ugly, work to make it pretty.
  • If you have a fix for a problem people are having, post it here.

What are we about?

The iPhone Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to collecting, storing and providing information on the internals of Apple's amazing iDevices. We hope to pass this information on to the next generation of hackers so that they can go forth into their forebears' footsteps and break the ridiculous bonds Apple has put on their amazing mobile devices.

Firmware Status

Product Line Apple TV HomePod Apple Watch iPad iPad Air iPad Pro iPad mini iPhone iPod touch Mac
Supported Apple TV HD
and newer
Series 3
and newer
5th generation
and newer
iPad Air 2
and newer
iPad mini 4
and newer
iPhone 6s
and newer
7th generation MacBook: 2016 and newer
MacBook Air: 2015 and newer
MacBook Pro: 2015 and newer
iMac: Late 2015 and newer and iMac Pro
Mac mini: 2014 and newer
Mac Pro: 2013 and newer
Public Firmwares
8.1.1 (19R580)[1]
8.1 (19R570)
15.1.1 (19B81)[2]
15.1 (19B74 / 19B75)
No N/A
Beta Firmwares
15.2 beta 3
8.3 beta 3
15.2 beta 3
12.1 beta 3
  1. ^ For GPS+Cellular Apple Watch Series 7 models only.
  2. ^ For iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models only.

See Jailbreak for a complete list of devices and firmware versions and tools used to jailbreak those versions.


Jailbreak Software


Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Various Software

Bad stuff



See also: Models and Prototypes

Application Processors

A Series Chips

S5L8930 Apple A4
S5L8940 Apple A5 (APL0498)
S5L8942 Apple A5 (APL2498)
S5L8947 Apple A5 (APL7498)
S5L8945 Apple A5X
S5L8950 Apple A6
S5L8955 Apple A6X
S5L8960 Apple A7 (APL0698)
S5L8965 Apple A7 (APL5698)
T7000 Apple A8
T7001 Apple A8X
S8000 Apple A9 (Samsung)
S8003 Apple A9 (TSMC)
S8001 Apple A9X
T8010 Apple A10 Fusion
T8011 Apple A10X Fusion
T8015 Apple A11 Bionic
T8020 Apple A12 Bionic
T8027 Apple A12X Bionic and A12Z Bionic
T8030 Apple A13 Bionic
T8101 Apple A14 Bionic
T8110 Apple A15 Bionic

M Series Chips

T8103 Apple M1
T6000 Apple M1 Pro
T6001 Apple M1 Max

S and T Series Chips

S7002 Apple S1
T8002 Apple S1P, S2 and T1
T8004 Apple S3
T8006 Apple S4 and S5
T8301 Apple S6 and S7
T8012 Apple T2

Early Chips


Other Chipsets

Apple W1
Apple W2
Apple W3
T2002 Apple H1

Other Processors

Baseband Devices

PMB9948 X-Gold 748
PMB9955 X-Gold 756
PMB9960 X-Gold 766