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iOS runs on various different models of devices. This page is used to give an overview of the different model numbers (or "M" numbers) used by devices. The model number of your device is located in the Settings app on the "General -> About" screen under "Model".


The model number of a device begins with a variable first letter representing the source of the device (replacement, engraved, etc.; see below). This is followed by four characters between either "A" and "Z" or "0" and "9" (most commonly only digits). Afterwards is either one or two characters representing the "region" of the device's origin. Depending on the software displaying the string, there may be a slash ("/") followed by a character.

First Letter

Main article: Model Regions

The first letter in the model number represents the source of the device. Currently, there are four known possible choices:

  • "F": refurbished unit
  • "M": retail unit
  • "N": replacement unit
  • "P": personalized (engraved) unit

Finding Your Device

To make searching this page easier, the first letter is always "M" and the "region" portion and everything after is removed (leaving us with the first five characters of the string). For example, let's say our model number is "MC922LL/A". The first letter is already "M", so we leave it alone. Next, we remove the "region" portion and everything after (the "LL/A" at the end) leaving us with "MC922". A "find-in-page" reveals this is a black 16 GiB iPhone 4S.

If your device is not listed here, please add it yourself or contact an active user.

Unknown Values

  • MB719 (probably iPhone 3GS, old bootrom)
  • ME108 (probably iPod touch 5G 32GB display model)

Apple TV

Generation "A" Number Bootrom Variant FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model
Apple TV 2G A1378 Bootrom 574.4 N/A BCGA1378 K66AP AppleTV2,1 Black 8 GB MC572
Apple TV 3G A1427 ROM AppleTV3,1 BCGA1427 J33AP AppleTV3,1 MD199
A1469 Bootrom 1458.2 AppleTV3,2 BCGA1469 J33IAP AppleTV3,2
Apple TV 4G A1625  ? N/A BCGA1625 J42dAP AppleTV5,3 32 GB MGY52

Apple Watch

Generation "A" Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Case Material Color Storage Model
Apple Watch A1553  ? BCG-E2870 N27aAP Watch1,1 Aluminum Silver 8 GB MJ2T2, MJ2V2, MJ2U2, MJ2W2
Space Black MJ2X2
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel MJ302, MJ2Y2, MJ312, MJ322, MJYK2, MJ332, MJ362, MJ3A2, MJ3E2
Space Black MJ3F2
BCG-E2871 N28aAP Watch1,2 Aluminum Silver MJ3N2, MJ3Q2, MJ3P2, MJ3R2
Space Black MJ3T2
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel MJ3V2, MJ3U2, MJ3X2, MJ3Y2, MJYN2, MJ452, MJ432, MJ402, MJ472
Space Black MJ482


Generation "A" Number Bootrom Variant FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model
iPad A1219 Bootrom 574.4 Wi‑Fi BCG‑E2381A K48AP iPad1,1 Black 16 GB MB292
32 GB MB293
64 GB MB294
A1337 GSM BCG‑E2328A 16 GB MC349
32 GB MC496
64 GB MC497
iPad 2 A1395 Bootrom 838.3 iPad2,1 BCGA1395 K93AP iPad2,1 16 GB MC769
32 GB MC770
64 GB MC916
White 16 GB MC979
32 GB MC980
64 GB MC981
A1396 iPad2,2 BCGA1396 K94AP iPad2,2 Black 16 GB MC773
32 GB MC774
64 GB MC775
White 16 GB MC982
32 GB MC983
64 GB MC984
A1397 iPad2,3 BCGA1397 K95AP iPad2,3 Black 16 GB MC755
32 GB MC763
64 GB MC764
White 16GB MC985
32 GB MC986
64 GB MC987
A1395 ROM iPad2,4 BCGA1395 K93AAP iPad2,4 Black 16 GB MC954, MC988
White 16 GB MC989
iPad 3 A1416 Bootrom 1062.2 iPad3,1 BCGA1416 J1AP iPad3,1 Black 16 GB MC705, MD333
32 GB MC706, MD334
64 GB MC707
White 16 GB MD328
32 GB MD329
64 GB MD330
A1403 iPad3,2 BCGA1403 J2AP iPad3,2 Black 16 GB MC733
32 GB MC744
64 GB MC756
White 16 GB MD363
32 GB MD364
64 GB MD365
A1430 iPad3,3 BCGA1430 J2AAP iPad3,3 Black 16 GB MD366
32 GB MD367
64 GB MD368
White 16 GB MD369
32 GB MD370
64 GB MD371
iPad 4 A1458 Bootrom 1145.3.3 iPad3,4 BCGA1458 P101AP iPad3,4 Black 16 GB MD510
32 GB MD511
64 GB MD512
128 GB ME392
White 16 GB MD513
32 GB MD514
64 GB MD515
128 GB ME393
A1459 iPad3,5 BCGA1459 P102AP iPad3,5 Black 16 GB MD516
32 GB MD517
64 GB MD518
128 GB ME400
White 16 GB MD519
32 GB MD520
64 GB MD521
128 GB ME401
A1460 iPad3,6 BCGA1460 P103AP iPad3,6 Black 16 GB MD522, ME195
32 GB MD523, ME196
64 GB MD524, ME197
128 GB ME406, ME410
White 16 GB MD525, ME198
32 GB MD526, ME199
64 GB MD527, ME200
128 GB ME407, ME411
iPad Air A1474 Bootrom 1704.10 iPad4,1 BCGA1474 J71AP iPad4,1 Silver 16 GB MD788
32 GB MD789
64 GB MD790
128 GB ME906
Space Gray 16 GB MD785
32 GB MD786
64 GB MD787
128 GB ME898
A1475 iPad4,2 BCGA1475 J72AP iPad4,2 Silver 16 GB MD794, ME997, ME999, MF021, MF502
32 GB MD795, MF025, MF527, MF529, MF532
64 GB MD796, MF012, MF013, MF027, MF539
128 GB ME988, MF018, MF019, MF029, MF563
Space Gray 16 GB MD791, ME991, ME993, MF020, MF496
32 GB MD792, MF003, MF004, MF024, MF520
64 GB MD793, MF009, MF010, MF026, MF534
128 GB ME987, MF015, MF016, MF028, MF558
A1476 iPad4,3 BCGA1476 J73AP iPad4,3 Silver 16 GB MF230
32 GB MF233
64 GB MF234
128 GB MF236
Space Gray 16 GB MD797
32 GB MD798
64 GB MD799
128 GB MF235
iPad Air 2 A1566 Bootrom 1991. iPad5,3 BCGA1566 J81AP iPad5,3 Gold 16 GB MH0W2
64 GB MH182
128 GB MH1J2
Silver 16 GB MGLW2
128 GB MGTY2
Space Gray 16 GB MGL12
128 GB MGTX2
A1567 iPad5,4 BCGA1567 J82AP iPad5,4 Gold 16 GB MH2W2
64 GB MH2P2
128 GB MH332
Silver 16 GB MH2V2
64 GB MH2N2
128 GB MH322
Space Gray 16 GB MGGX2F, MH2U2
64 GB MH2M2
128 GB MH312
iPad Pro A1584 Bootrom 2481.‎ iPad6,7 BCGA1584 J98aAP iPad6,7 Gold 32 GB ML0H2
128 GB ML0R2
Silver 32 GB ML0G2
128 GB ML0Q2
Space Gray 32 GB ML0F2
128 GB ML0N2
A1652 iPad6,8 BCGA1652 J99aAP iPad6,8 Gold 128 GB ML3Q2
Silver 128 GB ML3N2
Space Gray 128 GB ML3K2

iPad mini

Generation "A" Number Bootrom Variant FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model
iPad mini A1432 ROM iPad2,5 BCGA1432 P105AP iPad2,5 Black 16 GB MD528
32 GB MD529
64 GB MD530
White 16 GB MD531
32 GB MD532
64 GB MD533
A1454 iPad2,6 BCGA1454 P106AP iPad2,6 Black 16 GB MD534
32 GB MD535
64 GB MD536
White 16 GB MD537
32 GB MD538
64 GB MD539
A1455 iPad2,7 BCGA1455 P107AP iPad2,7 Black 16 GB MD540, ME215
32 GB MD541, ME216
64 GB MD542, ME217
White 16 GB MD543, ME218
32 GB MD544, ME219
64 GB MD545, ME220
iPad mini 2 A1489 Bootrom 1704.10 iPad4,4 BCGA1489 J85AP iPad4,4 Silver 16 GB ME279
32 GB ME280
64 GB ME281
128 GB ME860
Space Gray 16 GB ME276
32 GB ME277
64 GB ME278
128 GB ME856
A1490 iPad4,5 BCGA1490 J86AP iPad4,5 Silver 16 GB ME814
32 GB ME824
64 GB ME832
128 GB ME840
Space Gray 16 GB ME800
32 GB ME820
64 GB ME828
128 GB ME836
A1491 iPad4,6 BCGA1491 J87AP iPad4,6 Silver 16 GB MF248
32 GB MF252
64 GB MF246
128 GB MF244
Space Gray 16 GB MF247
32 GB MF251
64 GB MF245
128 GB MF243
iPad mini 3 A1599 Bootrom 1991. iPad4,7 BCGA1599 J85mAP iPad4,7 Gold 16 GB MGYE2
64 GB MGY92
128 GB MGYK2
Silver 16 GB MGNV2
128 GB MGP42
Space Gray 16 GB MGNR2
128 GB MGP32
A1600 iPad4,8 BCGA1600 J86mAP iPad4,8 Gold 16 GB MH3G2
64 GB MH392
128 GB MH3N2
Silver 16 GB MH3F2
64 GB MH382
128 GB MH3M2
Space Gray 16 GB MH3E2
64 GB MH372
128 GB MH3L2
A1601 iPad4,9 BCGA1601 J87mAP iPad4,9 Gold 16 GB MGYR2, MGYY2
128 GB MGYU2, MH012
Silver 16 GB MGHW2, MGPW2
64 GB MGJ12, MGQ12
128 GB MGJ32, MGQ32
Space Gray 16 GB MGHV2, MGPV2
64 GB MGJ02, MGQ02
128 GB MGJ22, MGQ22
iPad mini 4 A1538  ? iPad5,1 BCGA1538 J96AP iPad5,1 Gold 16 GB MK6L2
64 GB MK9J2
128 GB MK9Q2
Silver 16 GB MK6K2
64 GB MK9H2
128 GB MK9P2
Space Gray 16 GB MK6J2
64 GB MK9G2
128 GB MK9N2
A1550 iPad5,2 BCGA1550 J97AP iPad5,2 Gold 16 GB MK882
64 GB MK8C2
128 GB MK8F2
Silver 16 GB MK872
64 GB MK8A2
128 GB MK8E2
Space Gray 16 GB MK862
64 GB MK892
128 GB MK8D2


Generation "A" Number Bootrom Variant FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model
iPhone A1203 Bootrom Rev.2 N/A BCGA1203 M68AP iPhone1,1 Black 4 GB MA501
8 GB MA712
16 GB MB384
iPhone 3G A1241
Bootrom Rev.2 BCGA1241 N82AP iPhone1,2 8 GB MB046, MB489, MB639, MB702, MC176
16 GB MB048, MB496, MB497, MB704
White MB499, MB500, MB501, MB632, MB705
iPhone 3GS A1303
Bootrom 359.3 BCGA1303A


N88AP iPhone2,1 Black 16 GB MB715, MB735, MC135
32 GB MB717, MB737
White 16 GB MB716, MB736, MC136
32 GB MB718, MB738
Bootrom 359.3.2 Black 8 GB MC555, MC640
16 GB MB715, MC131, MC135
32 GB MB717, MC133, MC137
White 16 GB MB716, MC132, MC136
32 GB MC134, MC138
iPhone 4 A1332 Bootrom 574.4 iPhone3,1 BCG‑E2380A


N90AP iPhone3,1 Black 8 GB MD126, MD128
16 GB MC318, MC603, MC608
32 GB MC319, MC605, MC610
White 8 GB MD196, MD197, MD198
16 GB MC604, MC536
32 GB MC606
iPhone3,2 BCG‑E2380A


N90BAP iPhone3,2 Black 8 GB MD128, ME798
White ME799
A1349 iPhone3,3 BCG‑E2422A


N92AP iPhone3,3 Black MD146, MD439, MD873
16 GB MC676
32 GB MC678
White 8 GB MD200, MD440, MD874
16 GB MC677
32 GB MC679
iPhone 4S A1387
Bootrom 838.3 N/A BCG‑E2430A N94AP iPhone4,1 Black 8 GB ME259, MF257, MF261, MF263, MF265, MF269
16 GB MC918, MC922, MD234, MD235, MD276, MD377, MD865, ME804
32 GB MC919, MC923, MD241, MD278, MD379
64 GB MD257, MD258, MD269, MD280, MD381
White 8 GB MF258, MF260, MF262, MF264, MF266, MF270
16 GB MC920, MC924, MD237, MD239, MD277, MD378, MD866, ME805
32 GB MC921, MD244, MD279, MD380, MD246
64 GB MD260, MD271, MD272, MD281, MD382
iPhone 5 A1428 Bootrom 1145.3 iPhone5,1 BCG‑E2599A N41AP iPhone5,1 Black 16 GB MD293, MD634, MD638, ME486, ME486
32 GB MD295, MD636, ME488, MD295
64 GB MD642, MD644, ME490
White 16 GB MD294, MD635, ME487
32 GB MD296, MD637, ME489
64 GB MD643, MD645, ME491
iPhone5,2 N42AP iPhone5,2 Black 16 GB MD297, MD654, MD656, ME039
32 GB MD299, MD658, MD660, ME041
64 GB MD662, MD664, MD667, ME043
White 16 GB MD298, MD655, MD657, ME040
32 GB MD300, MD659, MD661, ME042
64 GB MD663, MD665, MD668, ME044
iPhone 5c A1456
iPhone5,3 BCG‑E2644A N48AP iPhone5,3 Blue 16 GB ME507
32 GB MF136
Green 16 GB ME508
32 GB MF137
Pink 16 GB ME509
32 GB MF138, MF133
White 16 GB ME505
32 GB MF134
Yellow 16 GB ME506
32 GB MF135
iPhone5,4 BCG‑E2694A
N49AP iPhone5,4 Blue 8 GB MG0T2, MG1U2, MG902
16 GB ME555
32 GB MF156
Green 8 GB MG0V2, MG1W2, MG912
16 GB ME556
32 GB MF157
Pink 8 GB MG0V2, MG1W2, MG922
16 GB ME557
32 GB MF158
White 8 GB MG0Q2, MG1Q2, MG8X2
16 GB ME553
32 GB MF154
Yellow 8 GB MG0R2, MG1R2, MG8Y2
16 GB ME554
32 GB MF155
iPhone 5s A1453
Bootrom 1704.10 iPhone6,1 BCG‑E2642A N51AP iPhone6,1 Gold 16 GB ME298, ME307, ME325, ME343
32 GB ME301, ME310, ME328, ME346
64 GB ME304, ME313, ME331, ME349
Silver 16 GB ME297, ME306, ME324, ME342
32 GB ME300, ME309, ME327, ME345
64 GB ME303, ME312, ME436, ME348
Space Gray 16 GB ME296, ME305, ME323, ME341
32 GB ME299, ME308, ME326, ME344
64 GB ME302, ME311, ME329, ME347
iPhone6,2 BCG‑E2643A
N53AP iPhone6,2 Gold 16 GB ME434
32 GB ME437
64 GB ME440
Silver 16 GB ME433
32 GB ME436
64 GB ME439
Space Gray 16 GB ME432
32 GB ME435
64 GB ME438
iPhone 6 A1549
Bootrom 1992. iPhone7,2 BCG‑E2816A N61AP iPhone7,2 Gold 16 GB MG492, MG3D2
64 GB MG4J2, MG3L2
128 GB MG4E2, MG3G2
Silver 16 GB MG3C2, MG482
64 GB MG3K2, MG4H2
128 GB MG3F2, MG4C2
Space Gray 16 GB MG3A2, MG472
64 GB MG3H2, MG4F2, MG5A2
128 GB MG3E2, MG4A2
iPhone 6 Plus A1522
iPhone7,1 BCG‑E2817A N56AP iPhone7,1 Gold 16 GB MGAA2
128 GB MGAF2
Silver 16 GB MGA92, MGC92
128 GB MGAE2
Space Gray 16 GB MGA82
128 GB MGAC2
iPhone 6s A1633
Bootrom 2234. (S8000)
Bootrom 2234. (S8003)
iPhone8,1 BCG-E2946A N71AP
iPhone8,1 Gold 16 GB MKQL2, ML7E2
64 GB MKQQ2, ML7J2
128 GB MKQV2, ML7N2
Rose Gold 16 GB MKQM2, ML7F2
64 GB MKQR2, ML7K2
128 GB MKQW2, ML7P2
Silver 16 GB MKQK2, ML7D2
64 GB MKQP2, ML7H2
128 GB MKQU2, ML7M2
Space Gray 16 GB MKQJ2, ML7C2
64 GB MKQN2, ML7G2
128 GB MKQT2, ML7L2
iPhone 6s Plus A1634
Bootrom 2234. (S8000)
Bootrom 2234. (S8003)
iPhone8,2 BCG-E2944A N66AP
iPhone8,2 Gold 16 GB MKU32, ML6D2
64 GB MKU82, ML6H2
128 GB MKUF2, ML6M2
Rose Gold 16 GB MKU52, ML6E2
64 GB MKU92, ML6J2
128 GB MKUG2, ML6N2
Silver 16 GB MKU22, ML6C2
64 GB MKU72, ML6G2
128 GB MKUE2, ML6L2
Space Gray 16 GB MKU12, ML6A2
64 GB MKU62, ML6F2
128 GB MKUD2, ML6K2

iPod touch

Generation "A" Number Bootrom FCC ID Internal Name Identifier Color Storage Model
iPod touch A1213 Bootrom Rev.2 BCGA1213 N45AP iPod1,1 Black 8 GB MA623, MA624, MA839
16 GB MA627, MA628
32 GB MB376
iPod touch 2G A1288
Bootrom 240.4 BCGA1288 N72AP iPod2,1 8 GB MB525, MB528, MB529
16 GB MB531, MB532
32 GB MB533, MB534
Bootrom 240.5.1 8 GB MC086
iPod touch 3G A1318 Bootrom 359.5 BCG‑2310 N18AP iPod3,1 32 GB MC008
64 GB MC011
iPod touch 4G A1367 Bootrom 574.4 BCG‑E2407 N81AP iPod4,1 8 GB MC540
16 GB ME178
32 GB MC544
64 GB MC547
White 8 GB MD057
16 GB ME179
32 GB MD058
64 GB MD059
iPod touch 5G A1421 ROM BCG‑A1421 N78AP iPod5,1 Black 32 GB MD723
64 GB MD724
Blue 16 GB MGG32
32 GB MD717
64 GB MD718
Pink 16 GB MGFY2
32 GB MC903
64 GB MC904
Red 16 GB MGG72
32 GB MD749
64 GB MD750
Silver 16 GB MGG52
32 GB MD720
64 GB MD721
Space Gray 16 GB MGG82
32 GB ME978
64 GB ME979
Yellow 16 GB MGG12
32 GB MD714
64 GB MD715
A1509 N78aAP Black & Silver 16 GB ME643
iPod touch 6G A1574 Bootrom 1992. BCGA1574 N102AP iPod7,1 Blue 16 GB MKH22
128 GB MKWP2
Gold 16 GB MKH02
128 GB MKWM2
Pink 16 GB MKGX2
128 GB MKWK2
Red 16 GB MKH82
32 GB MKJ22
128 GB MKWW2
Silver 16 GB MKH42
128 GB MKWR2
Space Gray 16 GB MKH62
32 GB MKJ02
128 GB MKWU2

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  1. Specified model number is a China version