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The application processor is the technical term given to a processor of an iDevice. There have been many incarnations of processors for Apple's mobile devices.


Each revision is an ARM SoC tailored to the device's needs. All of Apple's SoC platforms have proprietary PowerVR graphics, public key encryption accelerators, hardware crypto and so on. The cores are mainly generic ARM ones, however, in the case of Swift, Apple used their own core design, compatible with ARMv7-A architecture and VFPv4 floating point.

Processor List

A Series Chips

S5L8930 Apple A4
S5L8940 Apple A5 (APL0498)
S5L8942 Apple A5 (APL2498)
S5L8947 Apple A5 (APL7498)
S5L8945 Apple A5X
S5L8950 Apple A6
S5L8955 Apple A6X
S5L8960 Apple A7 (APL0698)
S5L8965 Apple A7 (APL5698)
T7000 Apple A8
T7001 Apple A8X
S8000 Apple A9 (Samsung)
S8003 Apple A9 (TSMC)
S8001 Apple A9X
T8010 Apple A10 Fusion
T8011 Apple A10X Fusion
T8015 Apple A11 Bionic
T8020 Apple A12 Bionic
T8027 Apple A12X Bionic and A12Z Bionic
T8030 Apple A13 Bionic
T8101 Apple A14 Bionic
T8110 Apple A15 Bionic
T8120 Apple A16 Bionic

M Series Chips

T8103 Apple M1
T6000 Apple M1 Pro
T6001 Apple M1 Max
T6002 Apple M1 Ultra
T8112 Apple M2

S and T Series Chips

S7002 Apple S1
T8002 Apple S1P, S2 and T1
T8004 Apple S3
T8006 Apple S4 and S5
T8301 Apple S6, S7, and S8
T8012 Apple T2

H Series Chips

T2002 Apple H1
T2016 Apple H2

W Series Chips

Apple W1
Apple W2
Apple W3

Early Chips


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