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Why do we need a wiki?

Have you been on the hackint0sh forums?
Have you been on the dev team's wiki?
Have you been to the dev team's blog?
Have you been on the old iPhone Elite Dev Team's page?
You looked at the Chronic Dev public projects page?

Everywhere is an incomplete resource that doesn't give the whole picture. We need a complete resource. Let's document this device better than anyone at Apple knows it.

We hope this can be a neutral source for publishing information. Everyone can edit, all I ask is you sign up for an account to attempt to keep the spammers out. No donation links or ads will ever appear here. And try to keep information here neutral, although if you added a big section, feel free to add your name.

With regards to "secret" information. If you have an exploit that could be used later and serves no purpose now, keep it secret. Same goes for if you have an exploit, but another serving the same purpose has already been found and released. Keep that to yourself for now. Everything else, explain it.

Everybody is invited. (Except for the spammers and trolls of course.)