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Home Depot
Developer(s) jk9357
Initial release 29 Jan 2017 (2017-01-29)
Stable release v1.1 beta 1 / 24 September 2017; 6 years ago
Operating system iOS
Available in English
Type Jailbreaking
Website wall.supplies

Home Depot is a semi-untethered jailbreak for 32-bit devices on iOS 9.1 - 9.3.4. It was written by jk9357. It works by sideloading an IPA using Cydia Impactor. The first beta of version 1.1, offered as a separate download, added support for iOS 8.4.1 on A5 devices.



In August 2016 it was discovered that three serious vulnerabilities had been exploited by a spyware named Pegasus. It was revealed that the malware had probably been out in the wild for a significant amount of time, and that it showed signs of having a kernel mapping table with values for versions stretching as far back as iOS 7. Apple released iOS 9.3.5 shortly thereafter, which supposedly patched the vulnerabilities CVE-2016-4655, CVE-2016-4656 and CVE-2016-4657. The incident was thoroughly covered in newspapers all over the world, and users were urged to update. Despite the seriousness of these vulnerabilities and the fact that the Pegasus spyware already exploited them, a jailbreak based on them was not seen. With PanGu for 64-bit only iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3 released just a few weeks earlier, in late July, and iOS 10 being released in September, only those who chose to stay on 9.3.4 and users of 32-bit devices, a small and ever shrinking minority, would have benefited from another iOS 9 jailbreak.

Trident and Trident+kloader

Hopes of another 32-bit jailbreak faded, as the two last jailbreaks were 64-bit only and the focus shifted to iOS 10. Several users asked if the iPhone 4S would be the first iPhone not to be jailbreakable on its final firmware. Eventually the Trident project was released, which used two of the Pegasus exploits (CVE-2016-4655 and CVE-2016-4656) to gain root access on iOS 9.3.4 and older. Trident was later paired with kloader to form Trident+kloader, which allowed users to downgrade using Odysseus and OdysseusOTA/OdysseusOTA2.

The full-fledged jailbreak is released

When Home Depot finally was released in January 2017, it was the first 32-bit jailbreak in more than a year. The news were bittersweet for many users, as they discovered that the solution was semi-tethered and that it did not support iOS 9.3.5. On the other hand, it proved that there was still a market for 32-bit jailbreaks. Home Depot became available to more users a couple of months later, when iDeviceReRestore was released, allowing users who had saved iOS 9 SHSH blobs and APTickets to downgrade.


Since older iOS versions were vulnerable to the same exploits, several attempts were made to get Home Depot working on iOS 8.4.1, a then unjailbreakable version to which most 32-bit devices could OTA downgrade. For a while rumours were flying that the Fried Apple Team would port the 64-only Yalu for 8.4.1 jailbreak to 32-bit and also release a 32-bit compatible iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak. The community saw a renewed interest in porting Home Depot to 8.4.1 during the spring and early summer of 2017, when these rumours had turned out to be false.

Three similar or derivative products were released during the late summer of 2017:

  1. Phœnix, a semi-tethered jailbreak for 9.3.5 exploiting the fact that Apple had not properly patched the Pegasus exploits
  1. UntetherHomeDepot (originally BetterHomeDepot), an untether for Home Depot (iOS 9.1-9.3.4)
  1. EtasonJB, an iOS 8.4.1 compatible untethered jailbreak released after unsuccessful attempts to get Home Depot working on iOS 8

Version Change Log

Version Date Changes
"JailBreak" (first beta release) ? Initial beta release
"JailBreakMoreDevices" (second beta) ? More devices supported
"iPhone53932" (third beta) ? Fix for iPhone5,3 on iOS 9.3.2
"iPhone52932" (fourth beta) ? Fix for iPhone5,2 on iOS 9.3.2
"Make Mexico Pay For It" (fifth beta) ? Experimental support for more devices
Revision 1 29 January 2017 Initial release
Revision 2 Fix for Cydia not appearing
Revision 3 Real fix for Cydia not appearing
Revision 4 Fix for app crashing
Revision 5 Fix for tfp0
Revision 6 iPad 2 fix for some iOS versions
Revision 7 30 January 2017 Fix for broken LwVM patch
Release Candidate 1 19 March 2017
  • Added 3 bonus tracks to Mixtape Player: Lay Low, Purple Demo (KJC Edit), KJC Anthem Pt. 4 (Feat. Jailbreakbusters, Qwerty, Tihmstar & rg0rd)
  • Mixtape Player now displays song lyrics
  • Seek backwards in Mixtape Player to hear your favorite part of the track again
  • Rearrange tracks in Up Next in Mixtape Player
  • Fixes an issue where the volume slider in Mixtape Player would not appear on some devices
  • Fixes an issue where the Home Depot label would not be aligned properly while in the launch screen
  • Saves a jailbreak log, which is available in iTunes File Sharing
  • No longer extracts iosbinpack
  • No longer installs Droplets wallpaper
  • Treats "Enable Jailbreak" as "Prepare For Jailbreak" including re-extracting Cydia when file /.installed_home_depot is not present
  • Support for every 32-bit device on iOS 9.1-9.3.4 (Beta, requires internet connection)
  • Improved reliability on iPod touch (5th generation)
Release Candidate 2 22 March 2017 Fix for Cydia not installing
Release Candidate 3 25 March 2017
  • Improved reliability of re-extracting Cydia
  • No longer installs Dropbear
  • Fixes an issue with LwVM patch which would result in failure on iOS 9.3.1
1.1 beta 1 24 September 2017
  • Mixtape Player now has three themes: Default, Dark and Texas
  • Fixes an issue where the captcha did not appear when attempting to download the mixtape
  • Rearrange tracks in Up Next in Mixtape Player
  • Improved appearance of Mixtape Player on iPad Pro
  • "Install Cydia" now supports iOS 8.4.1 on select devices
  • May break "Install Cydia" compatibiliy with iOS versions greater than 8.4.1


Developer(s) @tihmstar
Initial release 18 Aug 2017 (2017-08-18)
Stable release 1.4.2 / 10 September 2017; 6 years ago
Operating system iOS
Available in English
Type Jailbreaking
Website tihmstar’s repo

On 18 August 2017, an untethered jailbreak (based off of Home Depot) was released on tihmstar's APT repository. Originally called BetterHomeDepot, the package was later renamed UntetherHomeDepot with the release of version 1.1.

Luca Todesco advised people to not use it, citing its potential to bootloop devices. The exploits used were labeled “not production grade”. An alternative stage1 exploit was later added.

The development was declared to be finished on 10 September 2017, with the release of Community Offsets by @stek29.

Version Change Log

Version Date Changes
1.0.0 18 August 2017
  • Initial release
1.0.1 19 August 2017
  • Added support for iPad3,3 (9.3.2)
1.0.2 20 August 2017
  • Added support for iPhone4,1 (9.3.2) and iPad2,4 (9.3.3)
1.1.0 21 August 2017
  • Fixed deepsleep bug
  • Package name changed to UntetherHomeDepot (the identifier was changed from net.tihmstar.betterhomedepot to net.tihmstar.untetherhomedepot)
1.2 25 August 2017
  • Fixed a bug where having a passcode would disable untether
1.3 2 September 2017
  • Fixed lwvm patch (bug where 9.3.1 rootfs was ro)
1.4.0 3 September 2017
  • Added support for 9.2.1
  • Refusing to install when stage1 doesn’t work (to prevent bootloops)
  • Alternative stage1 exploit
1.4.2 10 September 2017
  • Community Offsets (net.tihmstar.untetherhomedepotoffsets) was released

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