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This page is about beta firmware. For public firmware, see Firmware. For prototype firmware, see Internal Firmware.

Apple periodically seeds beta versions of iOS to developers and beta testers. They may be delivered as IPSWs, as OTA updates, or both. To download and use this software legally, you must enroll in either the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Beta Software Program. The download links provided on the following pages link directly to Apple's servers. Some beta's were removed from the servers but download links are kept for archival purposes.

Beta Firmware List (by device)

Apple TV

Older Apple TV firmwares have two different version and build numbers, which may lead to confusion when referencing them. Apple TV firmwares are sorted on The iPhone Wiki by its "marketing version."

The "Marketing"/"Displayed" columns are the version/build number reported on the Apple TV's "About" screen. The "Internal" column refers to the ProductVersion and ProductBuildVersion keys in the IPSW's BuildManifest.plist

Apple Watch


Mac (Apple Silicon)


iPad Air

iPad Pro

iPad mini


iPod touch

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