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What is sn0wbreeze?

sn0wbreeze is a tool to create custom IPSWs to restore, similar to PwnageTool. It is a GUI of XPwn for Windows written in Visual Basic.Net and is developed by iH8sn0w. It is released under GPL v3 license, and its source is available on GitHub.


sn0wbreeze was first released January 13, 2010 as a beta version. The following versions that are shown here are official, and sorted by compatibility with iOS revisions.


Version Release date Changes
Public Beta 13-Jan-2010
  • Initial release
  • Jailbreaks iOS 3.1.2
  • Only allows you to be able to select simple mode
  • Taken down due to copyright issues with XPwn
1.0 16-Jan-2010
  • Official release of sn0wbreeze
1.1 19-Jan-2010
  • Fixes Cydia problems
  • Fixes problems with NOR on S5L8900 devices
  • Fixes custom packages not being installed
1.2 21-Jan-2010
  • GUI fixes
  • Fixed even more Cydia problems
1.3 23-Jan-2010
  • fixes bug where some Cydia repositories could not be added and downloaded from
1.4 26-Jan-2010
  • Fixed vital bug where deb files may not be added to the right place
1.5 05-Feb-2010
  • Jailbreaks iOS 3.1.3
  • Removed verbose mode support
1.5.1 07-Feb-2010
  • Removed blacksn0w due to CommCenter issues (fix being worked on)


Version Release date Changes
1.6 24-Jun-2010
  • Jailbreaks iOS 4.0 only.
  • Removed ultrasn0w integration. (Due to MuscleNerd's request citing version management issues. Install it through the "custom packages" feature instead.)
  • Removed "sn0wbreeze App" integration (discontinued)
1.7 06-Jul-2010
1.8 Beta 16-Jul-2010
2.0 22-Sep-2010
2.0.1 22-Sep-2010
  • Fix for Error 37
2.0.2 25-Sep-2010
  • Fixes for Error 37 and hacktivation.
2.1 13-Nov-2010
2.2r1 15-Feb-2011
  • Jailbreaks iOS 4.2.1.
  • A new "Baseband Preservation Mode", which allows upgrade without updating the baseband (as usual), but without jailbreaking (announced on Dec 27)
2.2r2 15-Feb-2011
  • Includes a fix for iBooks.
2.2r3 18-Feb-2011
  • Fixes iBooks issues on devices still having issues.
2.2.1 20-Feb-2011
2.3b1 13-Mar-2011
  • "For people that want to play around with 4.3 or preserve their baseband. It's BETA for a reason."
2.3b2 17-Mar-2011
2.3b3 18-Mar-2011
2.3b4 19-Mar-2011
2.4b1 19-Mar-2011
  • iOS 4.3.1 is now supported
2.5 03-Apr-2011
  • Jailbreaks all iOS 4.3.1 compatible device (except iPad 2).
2.5.1 06-Apr-2011
  • Cydia 1.1.1 is now pre-installed.
  • iPhone 3GS users can now flash the iPad 06.15.00 baseband.
  • Animate (Animated Boot Logos) by the Chronic Dev-Team is now supported.
  • Added afc2 Apple TV 2 is now fully supported.
  • Added Apple TV 2 DFU Instructions.
  • YouTube issues resolved on hacktivated devices.
  • iPhone 3GS old-bootrom issues fixed (Error 37).
2.6 19-Apr-2011
  • Jailbreaks all iOS 4.3.2/4.2.7 compatible device (except iPad 2).
  • Updated to support i0n1c's 4.3.2/4.2.7 untether.
  • Multitasking Gestures enabled as usual.
2.7 6-May-2011
  • Jailbreaks all iOS 4.3.3/4.2.8 compatible device (except iPad 2).
  • Updated to support i0n1c's 4.3.3/4.2.8 untether.