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These are GUI frontends for existing command line tools.

There were long discussions about the inclusion of low-value tools into this wiki. (To make it clear, Sn0wbreeze and PwnageTool in the list below are not low-value, but still frontends for command line tools.) At the end everybody still has his own opinion. But also geohot, creator of this wiki, said that harddisc space is cheap and that we might include these tools also. In order to avoid cluttering this wiki full of nonsense, the following rules apply from now on:

  • Rule 1: Don't announce software that isn't released yet. We all don't want "coming soon" software in here that might never get finished or is outdated before its release.
  • Rule 2: Don't create the wiki page yourself. If the software is so important, someone else will add it anyway. Nobody will check if it was your best friend who added it, but I would still discourage to do so. This rule doesn't apply for our well-known hackers. Update: Geohot said that we only want a separate page for the tool, if it's being used by at least 1000 users. Keep this in mind before creating a new page.
  • Rule 3: If you want, add a png-format screenshot, but not lots of images on how to use it etc. We don't want to have more images for a tool that nobody uses than for all other pages together. And keep your tool page simple; add a short description, credits and a links section. Usually nothing else is needed. If the page is too long, nobody will read it anyway. Keep your changelog for your 200 builds and other unimportant infos on your private homepage.
  • Rule 4: Create only one page for the tool and not lots of redirects with different spellings.
  • Rule 5: Add the category "GUI Tools" to it, so that it appears listed on this page, assuming it is a frontend to an existing command line tool or similar. Add category "Software" otherwise. Do NOT add the category "Hacking Software".
  • Rule 6: If the tool is not free, ask on the discussion page first if the community wants to have it included. Otherwise it will be considered spam and you face the risk of getting banned.
  • Rule 7: Limit your changes on these pages (as always) to a minimum and use the "Show preview" button for every change instead of saving and then re-editing. Many users look at the Recent Changes page and we don't want to get flooded with changes on unimportant pages.

If you want to change these rules, please discuss this on this talk page, and only there. The previous discussions were scattered around various pages, so we can't find them anymore. We are open to change the rules if necessary.

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