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There are currently five generations of the iPod touch. A comparison of them is below:

Feature iPod touch iPod touch 2G iPod touch 3G iPod touch 4G iPod touch 5G
Model A1421 Model A1509
Picture IPod touch 1G.png IPod touch 2G.png IPod touch 3G.png IPod touch 4G.png IPod touch 5G.png IPod touch 5G (Model A1509).png
Color Black White/Black White/Black/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Red Black and Silver
Dimensions 4.3x2.4x0.31 in. (110.0x61.8x8.0 mm) 4.3x2.4x0.33 in. (110.0x61.8x8.5 mm) 4.4x2.3x0.28 in. (111.0x58.9x7.2 mm) 4.86x2.31x0.24 in. (123.4x58.6x6.1 mm)
Weight (oz.) 4.20 4.05 3.56 3.10 3.04
Capacity (GB) 8/16/32 32/64 8/16/32/64 16/32/64 16
Processor Speed (MHz) 400 (iOS 1.1 and 1.1.1)
412 (iOS 1.1.2 and later)
533 620 1024
Processor Cores 1 2
RAM (MB) 128 MB DRAM 256 MB DRAM 512 MB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz only) 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4/5.0 GHz)
Buttons sleep, home sleep, home, volume
Battery (volts) 3.7
Battery (Wh) 2.15 2.7 2.92 3.44 3.8
Battery (mAh) 580 ~730 789 930 1030
Internal name iPod1,1 iPod2,1 iPod3,1 iPod4,1 iPod5,1 iPod5,1[1]
Initial firmware 1.1
Latest (publicly available) firmware 3.1.3
Latest firmware 9.0b2
Display 320x480 LCD@163 640x960 LCD@326 640x1136 LCD@326
N/A 2.1 (As of iOS 3.0) 2.1 EDR 4.0
Built-in speaker No Yes
Nike+ support No Yes
No Yes
No Yes
Voice Controls
No Yes
Front-Facing Camera
No VGA 1.2 MP
Rear camera (MP)
No 0.75 5 No
LED Flash
No Yes No
Video Recording
No 720p Back
VGA Front
1080p Back
720p Front
720p Front
No Yes No
Panorama No Yes No
Low Light Boost No Yes (Requires hack) Only Front (Requires hack)
FaceTime video call
No Yes
No Accessory purchase Included headphone cable Yes


  1. The 5th generation iPod touch has two different models (n78ap/n78aap) that both accept firmware labeled iPod5,1