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(Added the iPod touch 5G. (I'm holding off on the iPhone 5 until we know if they will be separate models or not and stuff.)
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| Apple TV 3G
| Apple TV 3G
| A1427
| A1427
| Bootrom Revision: ROM
| ?
| {{n/a}}
| {{n/a}}
| [[j33ap]]
| [[j33ap]]

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The firmware iOS runs on various different models of devices. This page is used to give an overview of the different model numbers. For the region please see Model Regions.

NOTE: The first letter may vary between "F", "M", or "P". "F" is used for refurbished units. "M" is used for typical retail units. "P" is used for personalized (engraved) units.

Device Type Generation Model Bootrom Cellular Radio Type IPSW Prefix Color Memory Model
iPhone iPhone 2G A1203 Bootrom Rev.2 GSM m68ap iPhone1,1 black 4 GB MA501
8 GB MA712
16 GB MB384
iPhone 3G A1241 Bootrom Rev.2 GSM n82ap iPhone1,2 black 8 GB MB046, MB489, MB702, MC176
16 GB MB048, MB496, MB704
white 16 GB MB499, MB500, MB501, MB632, MB705
iPhone 3GS A1303 Bootrom 359.3 GSM n88ap iPhone2,1 black 16 GB MB715, MB735, MC135
32 GB MB717, MB737
white 16 GB MB716, MB736, MC136
32 GB MB718, MB738
Bootrom 359.3.2 black 8 GB MC555, MC640
16 GB MB715, MC131, MC135
32 GB MB717, MC133, MC137
white 16 GB MB716, MC132, MC136
32 GB MC134, MC138
iPhone 4 A1332 Bootrom 574.4 GSM n90ap iPhone3,1 black 8 GB MD126, MD128
16 GB MC318, MC603, MC608
32 GB MC319, MC605, MC610
white 8 GB MD196, MD198
16 GB MC604
32 GB MC606
A1349 Bootrom 574.4 CDMA n92ap iPhone3,3 black 8 GB MD146, MD873
16 GB MC676
32 GB MC678
white 8 GB MD200, MD874
16 GB MC677
32 GB MC679
iPhone 4S A1387 Bootrom 838.3 GSM+CDMA n94ap iPhone4,1 black 16 GB MC918, MD234, MD235, MD276, MD377, MD865
32 GB MC919, MC923, MD241, MD278, MD379
64 GB MD257, MD258, MD269, MD280, MD381
white 16 GB MC920, MD237, MD277, MD378, MD866
32 GB MC921, MD244, MD279, MD380
64 GB MD260, MD271, MD281, MD382
iPod touch iPod touch 1G A1213 Bootrom Rev.2 N/A n45ap iPod1,1 black 8 GB MA623, MA624, MA839
16 GB MA627, MA628
32 GB MB376
iPod touch 2G A1288 Bootrom 240.4 N/A n72ap iPod2,1 black 8 GB MB525, MB528, MB529
16 GB MB531, MB532
32 GB MB533, MB534
Bootrom 240.5.1 8 GB MC086
iPod touch 3G A1318 Bootrom 359.5 N/A n18ap iPod3,1 black 32 GB MC008
64 GB MC011
iPod touch 4G A1367 Bootrom 574.4 N/A n81ap iPod4,1 black 8 GB MC540
16 GB ME178
32 GB MC544
64 GB MC547
white 8 GB MD057
16 GB ME179
32 GB MD058
64 GB MD059
iPod touch 5G ? ? N/A ? iPod5,1 black 32 GB MD723
64 GB MD724
blue 32 GB MD717
64 GB MD718
pink 32 GB MC903
64 GB MC904
red 32 GB MD749
64 GB MD750
silver 32 GB MD720
64 GB MD721
yellow 32 GB MD714
64 GB MD715
iPad iPad A1219 Bootrom 574.4 N/A k48ap iPad1,1 black 16 GB MB292
32 GB MB293
64 GB MB294
A1337 GSM black 16 GB MC349
32 GB MC496
64 GB MC497
iPad 2 A1395 Bootrom 838.3 N/A k93ap iPad2,1 black 16 GB MC769
32 GB MC770
64 GB MC916
white 16 GB MC979
32 GB MC980
64 GB MC981
A1396 GSM k94ap iPad2,2 black 16 GB MC773
32 GB MC774
64 GB MC775
white 16 GB MC982
32 GB MC983
64 GB MC984
A1397 CDMA k95ap iPad2,3 black 16 GB MC755
32 GB MC763
64 GB MC764
white 16GB MC985
32 GB MC986
64 GB MC987
? ? N/A k93aap iPad2,4 black 16 GB MC954
white 16 GB MC989
iPad 3 A1416 Bootrom 1062.2 N/A j1ap iPad3,1 black 16 GB MC705
32 GB MC706
64 GB MC707
white 16 GB MD328
32 GB MD329
64 GB MD330
A1403 GSM+CDMA j2ap iPad3,2 black 16 GB MC733
32 GB MC744
64 GB MC756
white 16 GB MD363
32 GB MD364
64 GB MD365
A1430 GSM j2aap iPad3,3 black 16 GB MD366
32 GB MD367
64 GB MD368
white 16 GB MD369
32 GB MD370
64 GB MD371
Apple TV Apple TV 2G A1378 Bootrom 574.4 N/A k66ap AppleTV2,1 black 8 GB MC572
Apple TV 3G A1427 Bootrom Revision: ROM N/A j33ap AppleTV3,1 black 8 GB MD199

Unknown: MB719 (3GS, probably old bootrom model)