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Deletion of CFW Creation Script

Hi there! I noticed that you created a program to help facilitate the creation of custom firmware files. While all of us encourage contributions, we've had problems with an influx of simple wrappers (especially VFDecrypt GUIs) in the past. The program as it was released was in violation of the GPL, as the source code for the portions from XPwn was not provided. As the creator of the program, I think it would be best for an unsolicited person to add your program — otherwise, it looks like you're trying to use The iPhone Wiki as a billboard to advertise on. (I am not accusing you of doing this, but it really looks like that, especially when you point to the release with an link.) As such, I made the decision to delete your page from the wiki. If you have any questions about my decision, feel free to respond to this message. --Dialexio (talk) 04:19, 22 November 2015 (UTC)