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Just a person who likes Apple devices and Apple's internal softwares and prototypes. Twitter Alt Twitter Alt Alt Twitter Reddit Discord: DiscordWatcher101#2224

iOS devices

Device Variant Color Storage Firmware Jailbroken? Notes
iPod touch (4th generation) iPod4,1 White 8GB 6.1.6 Yes This iPod's Screen is broken
iPod touch (4th generation) iPod4,1 Black 32GB 6.1.6 Yes Completely broken
iPod 5 iPod5,1 Product Red 32GB 9.0.2 Yes Completely Broken
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 White 16GB 6.1.3 Yes Has been downgraded from iOS 9.3.5
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2 Silver 16GB 12.4 Yes My main phone
iPad 3 iPad3,1 White 64GB 8.4.1 Yes Has been downgraded from iOS 9.3.5
iPad Mini 4 iPad5,1 Silver 64GB 11.0 Yes