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Can we use the icon for this instead of main screen? Just so it matches Cydia and Icy. --JakeAnthraX 22:07, 16 July 2011 (MDT)

Sure, just go ahead and exchange it if you have the icon available. Upload it in the highest resolution you can find. --http 02:01, 17 July 2011 (MDT)

Bad page

The information written in this page is poor, outdated, confusing and the author is not even sure of what he wrote ("currently runs on firmwares 4.0 and up (and maybe 3.x, not too sure)"). I think it should be rewritten and/or temporarily deleted. --Jaggions (talk) 20:52, 31 July 2013 (UTC)

That comment was written when iOS 4.3.4 was out (if you look at the history). The original page is from 2008, written by Oranav. Installer no longer exists, but it is an important part of the iPhone history, as it was an alternative to Cydia. Feel free to improve or rewrite the page if you have more information. --http (talk) 16:46, 1 August 2013 (UTC)