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Discussion from old To-Do page

Easy Stuff

Virtual Buttons

Virtual buttons have been "put down" in favor for such a combination (subject to change):

Tap Home Button -> Menu.

Hold Home Button 1s -> Home screen.

Hold Home Button 3s (or however long is standard in Android for this) -> Task Switcher.

Lock Button -> Back.

Hold Lock Button -> Sleep.

This is just a suggestion for anyone intending to do this.

--> Courtesy BHSPitMonkey

Virtual Buttons #2

Missing Power Menu

The above proposal doesn't cover the 'power' menu, normally achieved on an Android device by holding down the End Call button!

Things in the power menu, and whether anyone will even notice they're gone:

  • Silent mode
    • Duplicate functionality - the other way to switch your phone to silent is to repeatedly press the Volume Down button. We don't need to worry about this.
  • Airplane mode
    • Duplicate functionality - option is also available under 'Wireless Settings' in 'Settings', and those who actually care can get one of the many home screen widgets that lets you turn this on and off with just a tap.
  • Power off
    • Oh shit, this is important - see suggestions below!

Power off functionality could be replicated by making a 'Turn off phone' application and putting a shortcut to it on the main home screen by default. Maybe it could even have a 'Reboot' option, too, to aid debugging.

Tapping Layout

Another 'virtual buttons' suggestion:

Tap Home Button -> Menu.

Double-Tap Home Button -> Home screen. (People will be used to this from having to double tap to get the quick music screen on the iPhone/iPod.)

Hold Home Button for ~1s -> Task Switcher.

Lock buttons as the previous proposal does it.

Virtual Buttons #3

For Devices with volume buttons we could make a button a modifier like LockButton. Maybe even configurable?

Home -> Home Screen

Hold Home -> Task Switcher

LockButton + Home -> Menu or Back

LockButton + VolUp -> Menu or Back

LockButton + VolDown -> Power Off or even Search Button

Virtual Buttons #4

Or we could us Apple's intuitive and simple use of holding or double tapping buttons, like this:

Home Button = Back

Home Button Double Tap = Home

Home Button Hold = Menu

Volume Rocker = Volume

Ringer Switch = Ringer

Lock Button = Power/Lock

Call/End Buttons can be software based. (Not needed as physical buttons?)

Also the possibility of using one button as a modifier button that changes the behavior of other buttons. This might be the simplest to implement.

DNS issue

A couple people in IRC were mentioning it, although I wasn't really sure what they were talking about, as I didn't have it running on my phone yet. After I did get it running, I saw that DNS didn't work on the browser, and realized what they were talking about.

It seems that setting setting a DNS server manually makes it work correctly. Perhaps a problem in DHCP setting the network settings.

DNS Issue Reply

A possible solution to this issue would be running "nohup dhclient &" as root while the phone is starting up. nohup is a linux command that runs a command without hangups, in other words, the connection will stay active even if the 'user' logs out, or something else happens, like a system freeze that would otherwise force the process to close. This is very important on a desktop computer, not sure about on a phone, but it wouldn't hurt. dhclient is the command for the "Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client", which is used to automatically configure network interfaces using dhcp. It's part of the ISC's DHCP software. --Aliendude5300 21:28, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

Firmware Extraction Utility

This is more up for discussion than something that NEEDS to be done. Someone should make a utility which extracts the Zephyr firmware, regardless of iPhone OS version, and injects it into the images. Refer to for more information. Firmware locations on 3.x.x are as follows:

  • /private/var/stash/share/firmware/multitouch/iPhone.mtprop
  • /usr/share/firmware/multitouch/iPhone.mtprops

Both are base64 encoded.

Props to apocolipse for the idea.

Harder Stuff

  • Just making the section for you, remove when actually starting a discussion.


  • Just making the section for you, remove when actually starting a discussion.

Discussion from old Install page

I followed the entire howto with success, but I found a difference. My md5 hash for the sd8686 files are different:

$ md5sum *bin | sort -k 2
3025de2a1ed575fd691958d7da341d8b  sd8686.bin
2a4d8f4df198ce949c350df5674f4ac6  sd8686_helper.bin
bad4dedccde0a5bef1a9468d918aa75a  zephyr_aspeed.bin
3c6f0f5f567a2a228aa290f2c49b583a  zephyr_main.bin

They remain the same for zephyr*.bin files.

-- Mx17

Also completed the entire howto with success, and I agree the proper hashes are listed above. Where do the ones on the page come from?

-- briandef

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Feel free to merge the two pages. -- http (talk) 00:21, 21 October 2013 (UTC)
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