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Device running the OpeniBoot console.

iDroid is a project which goals are to port linux and Android to the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and use different OSes as alternatives to standard iOS.

iDroid is not actually a hack/exploit neither an unlock, but it is based on Bootrom exploits which allowing the running of unsigned code at low level.


The goals of OpeniBoot are

  • to run low-level code,
  • to have low and critical drivers (NAND and NOR driver, NVRAM...), and
  • to have a debugger and development environment (chainloading, upgrading itself and USB mass storage).


A linux Bootloader, a working linux kernel (just a question of cross-compiler), porting drivers, run wifi and command line through SSH.


On 21 April 2010, an Android distribution based on iPhoneLinux called iDroid was released.

Frequently Asked Questions

To see answers to frequently-asked questions about iPhoneLinux and iDroid, go to the iPhoneLinux FAQ page.

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