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This article discusses software internally used by Apple.

Acquiring a copy without Apple's consent is illegal and may result in being scammed.
Engaging in illegal activity is not condoned. This information is provided for educational purposes only.


The following build is a factory firmware built around an internal version of iOS 7.0. Its filesystem is nicely sized; around 3.1 gigabytes.

This firmware has the kernel version Darwin Kernel Version 14.0.0: Tue Aug 13 21:48:05 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2423.1.73~3/DEVELOPMENT_ARM64_S5L8960X.


in /AppleInternal/Restore/FactoryTests/ you will find unreleased codenames including j34 and n52. N61 is also present.


After booting up, lets you choose from a decent amount of apps. They are: