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This article discusses software internally used by Apple.

Acquiring a copy without Apple's consent is illegal and may result in being scammed.
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The Ness icon.

Ness is the NonUI iOS internal application responsible for BurnIn testing in the Factory Environment, that is also known as "Earthbound". Not much is known about this app, and what it truly does. It is believed to be a reincarnation of the application "BurnIn". The app's icon is a picture of the character Ness from the Nintendo game EarthBound. This app first made an appearance in an iOS 7 SwitchBoard build.

The UI of the application features two main elements. Firstly the main UI that shows a picture of the Earth, and if you pull down in the way that you would typically presented with the notification center in stock iOS you are presented with something that resembles "Control Center", it is currently unknown what these do. Finally when this "Control Center" is activated, you see a picture of the Nest Thermostat behind the centre. It is unknown why this occurs, but may have something to do with the temperature of the phone as there is also another file in the .app that references to the temperature of the Nest to be hot, and is thus named "internal_thermostat_hot".

This app is typically found under /AppleInternal/Applications/SwitchBoard/, but is usually hidden with the key ShowInSwitchBoard in its Info.plist file being set to false.

The file structure of the app:

Entitlements.plist			        _internal_charger_disconnected.png			
_internal_thermostat.png			error.caf
Info.plist			                heartpiece.caf
_internal_thermostat_hot.png			_internal_device.png
Ness			                        key.caf
_internal_volumedown.png			_internal_globe.png
PkgInfo			                        pause.caf
_internal_volumeup.png			        _internal_locl.png
ResourceRules.plist			        secret.caf
coin.caf			                _internal_menu.png
_CodeSignature			     		       _internal_ness_icon.png