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  • ...evice.framework has been made available on Ryan Petrich's [ device ...nloads folder, run this command (copy and paste it and then hit the return key): <tt>cd ~/Downloads/cinject-0.5.4</tt> and then run <tt>./cinject -w</tt>
    8 KB (1,382 words) - 17:44, 26 August 2015
  • If not, then we are up against something. Otherwise, why the long talk page? ...e needed to decrypt the kbags, or business as usual since it is just a gid key change? i would think it is the later but im no crypto genius so i cant be
    3 KB (489 words) - 21:07, 6 October 2015
  • The Control key is mapped to the "bullet" key (black circle on the second page of symbols of the on screen keyboard). ...e upwards arrow icon) which can be customized from the settings ("i" icon) page.
    2 KB (380 words) - 12:16, 27 August 2015
  • Where is the public key stored used to validate the signature of the 8900 files? Would it be possib ...seems the iPhone uses a proprietary Samsung 8900 chip and most likely the key for decrypting the 8900 files is in this chip...
    37 KB (6,324 words) - 21:12, 20 March 2015
  • ...e "Discussion" page for any type of brainstorming or ideas, and limit this page itself to actual, solid, information. ...they do not really have to have any code in the kernel to utilize the GID key for anything, and I have not personally looked into if they have done this
    14 KB (2,533 words) - 18:42, 28 May 2017
  • ...en the proceeding 32 are the key, and we know it is encrypted with the gid key because of the "1" identifier (at least on the first KBAG), but I am just t ...ctually relied on a few exploits. This is different. Plus, if you read the page, you will see that the bootrom signature checks LLB, so even if you got an
    4 KB (636 words) - 01:48, 25 January 2013
  • This page is intended for listing the current events that are happening and will alwa AES keys to pages linked on [[:Category:Incomplete Key Pages|Incomplete Key Pages]]
    414 bytes (67 words) - 12:56, 1 October 2021
  • ...key for the root filesystem, but not to simply decrypt it with an existing key. ...[[iBoot]] by [[User:Zibri|Zibri]] revealed the [[AES Keys#Key 0x837|0x837 key]].
    8 KB (1,340 words) - 17:49, 13 March 2021
  • ...questions/concerns about an edit I made to an article, please use the talk page for the article in question.''' should we start a beta firmwares page that contains a table with release dates, baseband versions, and iboot vers
    15 KB (2,391 words) - 23:17, 4 November 2017
  • ...ntry SystemPartitionSyize=1024(integer) (<nowiki><key>SystemPartitionSize</key><integer>1024</integer></nowiki>). It was not clear if this should be remov With key and iv [[Jasper 8C148 (iPhone3,1)|from here]] (must be correct, otherwise d
    13 KB (2,053 words) - 13:19, 28 March 2017
  • <key>PhoneNumberRegistrationGatewayAddress</key> ...dles (i.e. T-Mobile Germany Carrier Update 7.1) also contain the following key, which displays a warning that SMS charges might be applied when trying to
    25 KB (1,898 words) - 10:12, 26 March 2017
  • Official download page] (Presentation 2976) ...ault]] and the way that’s done is that [[wikipedia:FileVault|FileVault]] key and also the expected [[wikipedia:Secure Hash Algorithm|SHA]] hash of the f
    49 KB (8,611 words) - 13:26, 17 September 2021
  • {{Archive Page}} ...on will not be shown anywhere on the screen. Correct me if I'm wrong. This page shows Display Versions of ATV numbers as far as I understand this. And ther
    3 KB (548 words) - 14:59, 28 March 2017
  • ...te with two CR/LF and you get the response. You can try with any other web page first, that should work the same way: <key>@HostIpAddress</key>
    17 KB (2,417 words) - 23:49, 22 January 2013
  • # Enter key if not found automatically -- Get them from [[Firmware Keys|this wiki]] *Automatic Key detection :)
    4 KB (578 words) - 14:50, 13 June 2015
  • {{Archive Page}} ...we'll "borrow one of nsa's super computers and extract the private signing key :D. Or get hold of a developer model and maybe there will be some interesti
    4 KB (637 words) - 00:16, 19 February 2013
  • :Also, an easier way to enter pwned DFU (like, from the main page). to do was pass the ramdisks through xpwntool without supplying an IV or key. --[[User:Dialexio|<span style="color:#C20; font-weight:normal;">Dialexio</
    6 KB (1,074 words) - 14:33, 29 March 2017
  • {{Archive Page}} ...[User:geohot|geohot]] already answered that on [[User_talk:geohot|his talk page]]. --[[User:Http|http]] 18:46, 14 July 2010 (UTC)
    7 KB (1,077 words) - 22:35, 13 July 2013
  • Since this is now a [[VFDecrypt]] page can we remove the links to the GUI's? --[[User:GreySyntax|GreySyntax]] 22:1 ...s. BTW: Now we can change back all links that are now pointing to the keys page. -- [[User:Http|http]] 01:36, 11 November 2010 (UTC)
    3 KB (470 words) - 15:18, 28 March 2017
  • {{Archive Page}} i check every key i post and use the kbag's as evidence to prove it works --[[User:Liamchat|l
    12 KB (2,071 words) - 14:07, 28 March 2017

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