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MobileTerminal is a terminal emulator for iOS. It was originally written for iPhone OS 1.x, and therefore was built with an unofficial SDK. This is labelled "MobileTerminal (Obsolete)" in Cydia. It was later ported to use the official SDK, however it was never finished.


The Control key is mapped to the "bullet" key (black circle on the second page of symbols of the on screen keyboard).

MobileTerminal features a shortcut menu (blue upwards arrow icon) which can be customized from the settings ("i" icon) page. It is also possible to map certain actions to gestures (none are set by default). Bluetooth keyboards are supported.

MobileTerminal launches your shell as the mobile user, so therefore not everything will work. If an operation requires root permissions, you can elevate by running su, and entering root's password (alpine by default). The default configuration of bash will also change the prompt's $ to a #.


Control-C can also be accessed with a short Up-Right and Control is a short Down-Right swipe, after which the cursor will turn highlight red, from here press any character q, x, c, A to complete or the delete button to exit Control mode.

Escape is Control-[ or a short Up-Left swipe, which may come in handy with vi. Tab is Control-I or a short Down-Left swipe.

The keyboard-to-gesture mappings can be reassigned via the preferences. To invoke it, tap and hold on screen, then move finger to "misc" and then to "config".


As the project appears to be abandoned, various forks have appeared. A search for MobileTerminalAppDelegate.m on GitHub shows the majority of them.

Notable forks include:

Since the newer build wasn't available on Cydia for a long time, various repos host a copy of it. Notably, contains a build compiled with the iOS 7 SDK and support for the 4" iPhone screen.