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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Inferno (utility)]]
* [[Inferno (utility)]]

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Inferno 7C1023e is, apparently, an internal firmware used for testing. It was discovered on an iPod Touch, but may be in use for other iDevices.


Although Inferno comes in an IPSW, flashing it via iTunes causes an error. Inferno is flashed using PurpleRestore.


All tests are performed via a usbmux interface. During that time the iPhone displays a picture of a fireball. Partial output is displayed at the bottom.

However when display tests are run, different output is produced.


After booting up, SwitchBoard.app screen shows up allowing you to choose different options.

They consist of:

  • AT Command
  • BurnIn
  • CameraFA
  • Operator
  • Rumble
  • SkankPhone
  • Soundwave


The firmware includes standard set of UNIX binaries. apt-get is present suggesting that there is an internal APT repository.



This was first seen on Sonny788's Twitter feed.

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