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Before any speculation arises on this page, just to clear it up, the picture in the circle of the star is part of a picture of the iPod Touch 2G processor, and according to MuscleNerd the hash in the upper left hand corner is a sha1 of a decrypted 2.1.1 iBoot (the significance of that is that it shows that they can run unsigned code, because to decrypt an iboot they must have access to the aes engine, and you can only access that with unsigned code).

iPod touch 2G

Does the untethered iPod touch 2G jailbreak rely on ARM7 Go to get the LLB on the device, or does it use Apple's restore process? --Dialexio 04:51, 28 July 2009 (UTC) Well both, ARM7GO to get unsigned ramdisk and using Apple's restore process to flash custom LLB, iBoot...