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This is just a 'overall' explanations to give someone that is not involved a 'clue'.

Could please someone explain more specifically to enable an experienced user to follow the hack?

Ramdisk Hack

It's not difficult at all. You just send a file to 1.1.4 or lower iBoot (iphuc: sendfiletophone or something) then "change" some boot-args. -wEsTbAeR--

I believe that it is not difficult. But where do you put the file and how do you change boot args. And how you put the file there, because at this point it isn't jailbreaked yet!? -caique2001-

Re: Ramdisk Hack

We don't talk to the iPhone via AFC. We talk to the iBoot (Recovery Mode), which is implemented in iPHUC too. In iBoot you upload a file to RAM (no jailbreak required) and then change boot-args to boot it.

  • setenv boot-args rd=md0 -s -x pmd0=0x9340000.0xA00000
  • saveenv
  • fsboot

I'm not sure about the last command, you must try it. If it does not work, try 'bootx'.

- wEsTbAeR--

To the idiot that wrote the last comment about Zibri

Get the fuck out of the community, and stop sucking dick. This is for facts, not fanboism.


cmdshift: you are the idiot. it was a joke, and i believe it was posted by a member of the dev team, planetbeing. saying that he "invented ramdisks" and their workings is absolutely ridiculous, and that sir, is a fact. get over yourself.

// gojohnnyboi

How the fuck are you supposed to tell that it is a joke without at least a comment in the discussion page? People have been known to still give him way more credit than he deserves.

// cmdshft

because maybe... well.. um... its all an extreme hyperbole? of course he didn't invent ramdisks.

// Gojohnnyboi

Thanks cmdshft for correcting the text. I was about to correct it, but as I am new here, I didn't want to do that. Yes, that text came from a user user:planetbeing, but I don't know if he really is from the Dev team, although they have someone called like that. But that doesn't mean that it's the same person.

// http

Planetbeing is indeed a member of the iPhone Dev Team, and a trustable source. Everyone just decided to have fun with when someone using Zibri's name (may or may not be him) called Zibri the creator. The information is still incorrect; Zibri had no role in developing the Ramdisk Hack except leaking it.
And folks, the proper way to sign your talk page entries is --~~~~ (two dashes, four tildes). --Dialexio 00:54, 30 April 2010 (UTC)
I can see what point is being made by the deleting party, but honestly who wouldn't get that joke? When I reverted to planetbeing's latest revision I even added a little :P dude along with a whole lot of exclamation marks next to my action to show that it was a joke... party poopers :( Zibri was a great man who invented the iPhone! Namaste! --Rekoil 08:40, 30 April 2010 (UTC)