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Wiki seems to be down again. I cannot add a link to the source code. I opened a ticket with hostmonster: Support Ticket SVA-11613-583 If anyone else wants to try, add this to references:

--http 00:56, 28 July 2011 (MDT)

hi, http. it's funny... i went down the same path as you. i tried to add the same link to this page and then opened a a ticket with hostmonster (GYT-78304-604). this was before i saw this talk page. anyway, hostmonster support got back to me. they said "mod_security has been temporarily disabled for until our system administrators can address the false-positive. We will contact you with any further updates."
beej 08:37, 29 July 2011 (MDT)
Yes, I saw that it's fixed since today. In the meantime they wrote me back that one of their request numbers was missing in my ticket. Anyway, hopefully it remains fixed. --http 14:30, 29 July 2011 (MDT)


So is there a 1.2.2 or not? If iH8sn0w made the program, he would know, so maybe 1.2.2 was a branch made by somebody else? --5urd 11:55, 10 August 2011 (MDT)

SHSH Dumping

Can anyone explain whether this can in fact dump SHSH *from* a device, even if the firmware is no longer being signed, and if so, how? --Srb21103 (talk) 03:27, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

Yes, it reads the signatures from the device directly. You can't convert these signatures back to SHSH signatures, but you can use them to reinstall the firmware on the same device without having to contact Apple server again. --http (talk) 07:43, 4 January 2013 (UTC)
If you want to know how exactly, it utilizes MobileDevice Library (iTunesMobileDevice.dll) to communicate with the device. If you want to know more, you can examine the source of 1.2 (C#). If you don't understand some portions, you can contact me. --5urd (talk) 21:20, 4 January 2013 (UTC)
The code that run on the device is on the payload sent by iFaith UI. The payload dump APTicket and get another hashes from the firmware files. This hashes are used to 'modify' the new iOS, checking it with the current firmware and allowing the new image to pass. --Zmaster (talk) 21:15, 5 January 2013 (UTC)