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Device running the OpeniBoot console.

iDroid is a project with goals of porting Linux and Android to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and use different OSes as alternatives to standard iOS.

iDroid is not actually a hack/exploit neither an unlock, but it is based on Bootrom exploits which allowing the running of unsigned code at low level.


The goals of OpeniBoot are:

  • to run low-level code
  • to have low and critical drivers (NAND and NOR driver, NVRAM...).
  • to have a debugger and development environment (chainloading, upgrading itself and USB mass storage).


A Linux Bootloader, a working Linux kernel (cross-compiler), porting drivers, run Wi-Fi and command line through SSH.


On 21 April 2010, an Android distribution based on iPhoneLinux called iDroid was released.

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