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NVRAM, or non-volatile random-access memory, is a section of the NOR that stores environmental variables. There are two copies of it.

Various Decompilations

enum {
    kCmdArgTypeString = 0,
    kCmdArgTypeInteger = 1
typedef struct {
    signed int _unk0;
    unsigned int uinteger;
    signed int integer;
    unsigned int type;
    unsigned char* string;
} CmdArg;
typedef struct {
    struct NvramVar* prev;
    struct NvramVar* next;
    unsigned char* string;
    unsigned int integer;
    unsigned int doSave;
    char name[64];
} NvramVar;
unsigned int nvram_getint(const char* name, unsigned int default) {
    NvramVar* var = nvram_getvar(name);
    if (var != NULL) {
        return var->integer;	
    return default;
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