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GraphicServices Capability. A number of virtual packages made by Cydia on boot to make it easier to represent hardware and system software support for various features.

Mainly derived from the capabilities in the model definition file; a true boolean capability will create the package, while numeric capabilities will have its value stored as the package's version number.

See also: GSCapability on the iPhoneDevWiki.

GSC bit Sourced from model definition file Description
720p Yes
accelerometer Yes iPhone OS 1.0+
accessibility Yes Settings>General>Accessibility. iPhone OS 3.0+
additional-text-tones Yes New SMS sounds originally only for the iPhone 4. iOS >=4.2.1. Backported to the 3GS since iOS 5.0 beta 3.
all-features Yes
any-telephony Yes Cellular radio
apple-internal-install Yes Used in internal firmwares, displays a watermark with Apple contact info on device lockscreen, retail firmwares just show a "INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_DECLARATION" string
applicationInstallation Yes Allow installation of apps from appstore. Possibly disable for demo units.
armv6 Yes CPU can execute ARM6 instructions
armv7 Yes CPU can execute ARM7 instructions
assistant Yes Siri. iOS ≥5.0
auto-focus-camera Yes Camera is not focus free. iPhone OS 3.0+
bluetooth Yes Device has Bluetooth support.
bluetooth-le Yes Found on iPhone 4S. iOS ≥5
camera-flash Yes LED flash, iOS 4.0+
cameraRestriction No Camera disabled via on-device or externally imposed Restrictions
cellular-data No Wireless modem
contains-cellular-radio ?
data-plan Unlikely
delay-sleep-for-headset-click Yes
device-name-localized ? Unknown
device-name Yes Device class, e.g. "iPhone"
dictation Yes Microphone key on on-screen keyboard
display-mirroring Yes AirPlay whole screen streaming
displayport ? Can output video through dock connector
encrypted-data-partition Yes Hardware encryption for iPhone 3GS and newer devices. iPhone OS 3.0+
encode-aac Yes
enforce-googlemail No (Shows Google Mail logo instead of Gmail in the UK)
enforce-shutter-click No Forces camera click even in silent mode in Japan and another country -- look in Regional*.plist files under Celestial framework
explicitContentRestriction No "Explicit" songs and podcasts disabled in Settings/General/Restrictions
fcc-logos-via-software Yes Enables PNG viewer in Settings/General/About/[Legal]/Regulatory
front-facing-camera Yes Can take photos using Front-Facing Camera. iOS 4.0+
full-6 Yes Found on an iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1. Enables full iOS 6 features, see here
gamekit Yes Game Center
gas-gauge-battery Yes Precise battery measurement, enables Settings>General>Usage>Battery Percentage. iPhone OS 3.0+
gps Yes iPhone OS 2.0+
green-tea No (turned on in iPhones sold in China)
not-green-tea No
gyroscope Yes Does device have gyroscope? iOS 4.0+
h264-encoder Yes Can encode audio? video? iPhone OS 3.0+
hall-effect-sensor Yes (Very likely the magnetic sleep switch on iPad 2)
hardware-keyboard Yes
hd-video-capture Yes
hdr-image-capture Yes HDR, iOS 4.1+. Seems to depend on camera-flash on 4.3+
hearingaid-audio-equalization Yes
hearingaid-low-energy-audio Yes
hearingaid-power-reduction Yes
hiccough-interval Yes (Unknown)
hide-non-default-apps Yes Allows non-Apple apps from /Applications to be displayed on Springboard.
hidpi Yes Retina display
homescreen-wallpaper Yes Also controls grill vs. reflective dock. iOS ≥4
hw-encode-snapshots Yes ??
hw-snapshots-need-purplegfx Yes ??
international-settings Yes (Settings/General/International, wildly used in iPhone OS 1.1+)
io-surface-backed-images Yes ??
ipad Yes (Is iPad. used to be "wildcat".)
launch-mode No iPad SpringBoard orientation??
load-thumbnails-while-scrolling Yes ??
location-services Yes
location-reminders Yes Geofence support?
lte-device No LTE iDevice.
magnetometer Yes iPhone OS 3.0+
main-screen-height No
main-screen-width No
main-screen-orientation No
main-screen-scale No
MapKitAvailable No
MapKitAvailableGreenTea No
MapKitUserShiftingGreenTea No
MapKitUserShiftingNonGreenTea No
MapsUserShiftingGreenTea No
MapsUserShiftingNonGreenTea No
MapsVisible No (not sure whether it is a GSC bit)
MapsVisibleGreenTea No (not sure whether it is a GSC bit, also green tea = for chinese market)
marketing-name Yes Brand name of device e.g. "iPhone 3GS"
mars-volta ? spotted in iOS 5.0.1 beta 2 on an iPhone 4S. Required for Siri.
microphone Yes Presence of in-built microphone
mms Yes MMS functionality. Disabled on iPhone.
multitasking Yes Allows multitasking
multitasking-gestures Yes The infamous iPad swipe-to-cycle-apps and open multitasking 4- or 5-fingered actions. Requires modifications to Springboard to enable on iOS 5.x+
nike-ipod Yes Nike+iPod internal (or external with hacked drivers) receiver, iPhone OS 2.?+
opengles-1 Yes Supports OpenGL 1
opengles-2 Yes Supports OpenGL 2
peer-peer Yes Bluetooth "gaming" extensions, iPhone OS 3.0+
personal-hotspot Yes
photo-adjustments Yes Rotate/auto exposure/redeye correct/crop in the Photos app
photo-stream No
piezo-clicker Yes Integrated non-speaker in iPod touch
post-animate No ??
pre-animate No ??
proximity-sensor Yes iPhone OS 1.0+
ptp-large-files Yes PTP is the standard camera interface protocol used to access the Camera Roll from generic PC software
ringer-switch Yes Mute switch
screen-dimensions No ??
sensitive-ui No ??
serial No ??
shoebox Yes Passbook
siri-gesture Yes Settings/General/Siri/Raise-to-speak
sms Yes Can send text messages. iPhone OS 1.0+
software-dimming-alpha Yes ??
stand-alone-contacts Yes Control display of standalone Contacts app in Springboard
still-camera Yes Can take photos. iPhone OS 1.0 or 2.0+
telephony Yes Can make phone calls. iPhone OS 1.0+
telephony-maximum-generation Yes (Modem type. 2.5 = EDGE 3 = 3G 3.5 = HSDPA)
tv-out-crossfade Yes (Photos app slideshow transitions enabled)
tv-out-settings No (not sure whether it is a GSC bit, sounds like a SpringBoard property)
unified-ipod Yes Joins Music and Videos into iPod on iOS <5. Still enabled on latest iPhones where it won't matter…
venice Yes FaceTime
3Gvenice Yes FaceTime over 3G
video-camera Yes Can record videos. iPhone OS 3.0+
video-stills Yes Can take photo during video recording. iOS 6.0+
voice-control Yes Voice control available. iPhone OS 3.0+
voip Yes VoIP multitasking??
volume-buttons Yes
wapi ? ??
wifi Yes Contains Wi-Fi radio.
youtube Yes YouTube app accessible, iOS <6.0 beta 4
youtubePlugin ?