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NOTE: The baseband column only applies to 3G models.

Version Build Keys Baseband Release Date IPSW Download URL SHA1 Hash File Size Release Notes
3.2 7B367 iPad1,1 06.15.00 3 Apr 2010 iPad1,1_3.2_7B367_Restore.ipsw 172e8297af74b91971a802e6ad137c891f553099 478,959,325 iPadDocumentation_3.2.ipd
3.2.1 7B405 iPad1,1 15 Jul 2010 iPad1,1_3.2.1_7B405_Restore.ipsw de0a2b64cd335d48fb4abc9ed8700f5dbdf768ca 479,012,625 iPadDocumentation_3.2.ipd
3.2.2 7B500 iPad1,1 11 Aug 2010 iPad1,1_3.2.2_7B500_Restore.ipsw 68b613f78581d36eab96aa5a007001dff142baa3 479,001,595 iPadDocumentation_4.0.2.ipd