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This is a plist file in the folder /private/var/mobile/Library/Cache/ that caches the list of installed applications to be shown on the SpringBoard. This is no longer present in iOS 8.0 and later. It's content is a dict object with this content:

  • CacheGUID: string with a GUID
  • InfoPlistCachedKeys: array of strings:
    • CFBundleVersion
    • UIVPNPlugin
    • CFBundleIdentifier
    • etc.
  • Internal: empty dict
  • MICachedKeys: array of strings:
    • Container
    • SequenceNumber
    • NewsstandArtwork
    • etc.
  • Metadata: dict with this content:
    • Build: string "Build"
    • FullVersionString: string "Version 6.1 (Build 10B143)"
    • ProductBuildVersion: string "10B143"
    • ProductCopyright: string "1983-2013 Apple Inc."
    • ProductName: string "iPhone OS"
    • ProductVersion: string "6.1"
    • Version: string "Version"
  • SequenceNumber: integer
  • System: dict with list of applications; key is app id and content is a dict

So for each application there is an entry, for example this one with app id and this content in the dict:

  • ApplicationType: string "System"
  • CFBundleExecutable: string "DemoApp"
  • CFBundleIdentifier: string ""
  • CFBundleShortVersionString: string "1.0.0"
  • CFBundleVersion: string "1.0"
  • CodeInfoIdentifier: string ""
  • Entitlements: dict with one entry:
    • keychain-access-groups: array of strings, one entry: "apple"
  • MinumumOSVersion: string "6.1"
  • Path: string "/Applications/"
  • SBAppTags: array of strings, one entry: "hidden"
  • SequenceNumber: integer
  • UIDeviceFamily: array of integer: 1, 2

evasi0n also creates such an entry for the application used in the initial jailbreak process.