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Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 on OS X
Original author(s) Pwn Dev Team
Developer(s) Pwn Dev Team
Initial release 27 Nov 2011 (2011-11-27)
Stable release Beta 2 / 5 December 2011; 12 years ago
Development status Deprecated
Operating system OS X
Available in English
Type Jailbreaking
License Freeware

Ac1dSn0w is a tethered jailbreak from the Pwn Dev Team for iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 on the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation). It was initially released as a beta on 27 November 2011, but was immediately found to contain copyrighted code. Beta 2 was released on 5 December 2011 to fix the copyright issues.

On 10 January 2012, imRel0ad, a member of Pwn Dev Team stated on Twitter that pod2g was going to allow the team to update Ac1dSn0w to support A5 devices, and perform an untethered jailbreak. However, this never happened.


After Ac1dSn0w was released, MuscleNerd stated on the ModMyi forums that Ac1dSn0w contains copyrighted code. He wrote: "Unfortunately they achieve [not needing an IPSW for every boot] by directly embedding Apple code in their program (15 times!). That's the kind of copyright infringement we stay away from. Hosting this app can lead to DMCA takedowns, etc."

Many blogs decided to pull their download links and mirrors for Beta 1 after this was announced.