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This is the key template for the key pages. When a page uses this template, it is added to the Key Pages category.


When using this, delete the sections for items that are not in the firmware the page is for and put TODO in the IV and key tags for the ones that need keys.

If this is a 1.x firmware, delete the UpdateRamdiskIV, UpdateRamdiskKey, RestoreRamdiskIV and everything after.

If the build is not 8A293 (4.0), delete the GMRootFSKey tag.

If the device is not an iPhone or a 3G iPad, delete the Baseband tag.

If the device is not an Apple TV, delete the DisplayVersion tag.

 | Version             = 
 | DisplayVersion      = 
 | Build               = 
 | Device              = 
 | Codename            = 
 | Baseband            = 
 | DownloadURL         = 

 | RootFS              = 
 | RootFSKey           = TODO
 | GMRootFSKey         = TODO

 | NoUpdateRamdisk     = 
 | RamdiskNotEncrypted = 

 | UpdateRamdisk       = 
 | UpdateRamdiskIV     = TODO
 | UpdateRamdiskKey    = TODO

 | RestoreRamdisk      = 
 | RestoreRamdiskIV    = TODO
 | RestoreRamdiskKey   = TODO

 | AppleLogo           = TODO
 | AppleLogoIV         = TODO
 | AppleLogoKey        = TODO

 | BatteryCharging0    = TODO
 | BatteryCharging0IV  = TODO
 | BatteryCharging0Key = TODO

 | BatteryCharging1    = TODO
 | BatteryCharging1IV  = TODO
 | BatteryCharging1Key = TODO

 | BatteryFull         = TODO
 | BatteryFullIV       = TODO
 | BatteryFullKey      = TODO

 | BatteryLow0         = TODO
 | BatteryLow0IV       = TODO
 | BatteryLow0Key      = TODO

 | BatteryLow1         = TODO
 | BatteryLow1IV       = TODO
 | BatteryLow1Key      = TODO

 | DeviceTree          = TODO
 | DeviceTreeIV        = TODO
 | DeviceTreeKey       = TODO

 | GlyphCharging       = TODO
 | GlyphChargingIV     = TODO
 | GlyphChargingKey    = TODO

 | GlyphPlugin         = TODO
 | GlyphPluginIV       = TODO
 | GlyphPluginKey      = TODO

 | iBEC                = TODO
 | iBECIV              = TODO
 | iBECKey             = TODO

 | iBoot               = TODO
 | iBootIV             = TODO
 | iBootKey            = TODO

 | iBSS                = TODO
 | iBSSIV              = TODO
 | iBSSKey             = TODO

 | Kernelcache         = TODO
 | KernelcacheIV       = TODO
 | KernelcacheKey      = TODO

 | LLB                 = TODO
 | LLBIV               = TODO
 | LLBKey              = TODO

 | NeedService         = TODO
 | NeedServiceIV       = TODO
 | NeedServiceKey      = TODO

 | RecoveryMode        = TODO
 | RecoveryModeIV      = TODO
 | RecoveryModeKey     = TODO

 | SEPFirmware         = TODO
 | SEPFirmwareIV       = TODO
 | SEPFirmwareKey      = TODO

Syntax Explanation

Tag Explanation
Version The version of the build (ex: for Durango 8K2 (iPhone 3GS), you would put 4.3.4).
DisplayVersion Alternate version to display. For use with Apple TV firmwares. Should be in the format of "{MarketingVersion} ({InternalVersion})".
Build The build number.
Device See below.
Baseband The baseband (ex: page is Jasper 8C148 (iPad), you would put 07.10.00). Leave blank if unknown. Remove if not a device with a baseband chip.
DownloadURL Only firmwares available on Apple Inc. owned domains. Public firmware links are available on Firmware. beta firmware links must be available from the Apple Developer Center
RootFS The name of the Root FS file (without the .dmg)
RootFSKey The key for the Root FS
GMRootFSKey The key for the GM Root FS (used only on iOS 4.0 8A293)
NoUpdateRamdisk If this is true, the "Update Ramdisk" section will not be displayed. Remove if there is an update ramdisk.
RamdiskNotEncrypted If this is true, the ramdisks will show "Not Encrypted" instead of "IV" and "Key" lines. Remove if the ramdisks are encrypted.
UpdateRamdisk The name of the Update Ramdisk file (without .dmg) (can be deleted if NoUpdateRamdisk is filled or it is a 1.x firmware)
UpdateRamdiskIV The IV of the Update Ramdisk (can be deleted if NoUpdateRamdisk is filled or it is a 1.x firmware)
UpdateRamdiskKey The Key of the Update Ramdisk (can be deleted if NoUpdateRamdisk is filled or it is a 1.x firmware)
RestoreRamdisk The name of the Restore Ramdisk file (without .dmg)
RestoreRamdiskIV The IV of the Restore Ramdisk (can be deleted if is a 1.x firmware)
RestoreRamdiskKey The Key of the Restore Ramdisk (can be deleted if is a 1.x firmware)
* The file name for the * (can be deleted if it is a 1.x firmware)
*IV The IV for the * (can be deleted if is a 1.x firmware)
*Key The Key for the * (can be deleted if is a 1.x firmware)


Device Value
Apple TV 2G appletv21
Apple TV 3G AppleTV3,1 appletv31
AppleTV3,2 appletv32
iPad 1G ipad11
iPad 2 iPad2,1 ipad21
iPad2,2 ipad22
iPad2,3 ipad23
iPad2,4 ipad24
iPad 3 iPad3,1 ipad31
iPad3,2 ipad32
iPad3,3 ipad33
iPad 4 iPad3,4 ipad34
iPad3,5 ipad35
iPad3,6 ipad36
iPad Air iPad4,1 ipad41
iPad4,2 ipad42
iPad4,3 ipad43
iPad mini 1G iPad2,5 ipad25
iPad2,6 ipad26
iPad2,7 ipad27
iPad mini 2G iPad4,4 ipad44
iPad4,5 ipad45
iPad4,6 ipad46
iPhone 2G iphone11
iPhone 3G iphone12
iPhone 3GS iphone21
iPhone 4 iPhone3,1 iphone31
iPhone3,2 iphone32
iPhone3,3 iphone33
iPhone 4S iphone41
iPhone 5 iPhone5,1 iphone51
iPhone5,2 iphone52
iPhone 5c iPhone5,3 iphone53
iPhone5,4 iphone54
iPhone 5s iPhone6,1 iphone61
iPhone6,2 iphone62
iPhone 6 iphone72
iPhone 6 Plus iphone71
iPod touch 1G ipod11
iPod touch 2G ipod21
iPod touch 3G ipod31
iPod touch 4G ipod41
iPod touch 5G ipod51