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{{see also|Beta Firmware}}
{{see also|Beta Firmware}}
This is a documented list of '''prototype firmwares''' from [[prototypes]] found in the wild.
This (will be) a documented list of '''factory firmwares''', from factory testing devices and some [[prototypes]] found in the wild.
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{| class="wikitable"

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See also: Beta Firmware

This (will be) a documented list of factory firmwares, from factory testing devices and some prototypes found in the wild.

Version Build Codename Baseband SHA1 Hash Comments File Size Device
1.0 1A420 Alpine 03.06.01_G[1] 6e798e906c6590a7521ef89b731569be6d05b3aa Originally available here, but was soon taken down. 109,813,128 iPhone
4A57 ? ? Runs SwitchBoard, a simple launcher for other utilities. ?
3.1b 7C108b Sierra iPhone 3GS
Inf1 8A2062a Inferno iPhone 4
? 7C144 Inferno iPod 3G
7C1023e Inferno
8A2062a Inferno iPhone 4
6.0 10A23110z Inferno iPhone 5
7.0.3 11B64940j Inferno iPad mini 2
8.0 12A9331h Inferno iPhone 6