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Regarding the CoolBooter article


In this edit you changed «The secondary OS will kernel panic during boot» to «iOS 6 as a secondary OS will kernel panic during boot». IIRC, you told me on Reddit that you don’t have any iPhone 5 test devices, so I wonder: Is iOS 6 the only secondary OS to which you have confirmed that this happens, or is this something that was fixed in a recent update? I have installed various iOS 7.x and 8.x versions as secondary versions using CoolBooterCLI on my i5 running iOS 6, and they have all kernel panicked if the Lightning cable has been attached since I booted the host OS. I must stress that the last time I installed anything was back in October, so later updates could of course have fixed this issue for newer target versions.

Gjest (talk) 03:08, 28 December 2017 (UTC)

I have no clue how proper responses work with this, so sorry for probably not doing this the correct way. I don't currently have an iPhone 5 test device as I am currently loaning mine to a friend. When I did still have it, I confirmed that, at least as of iOS 9.0.2 as a main OS, only iOS 6 will panic upon booting if lightning was attached prior without rebooting. There were some issues with kernel patches in some older versions that caused a panic on boot for some devices (I refactored the patchfinder quite a few times over the updates), however those should now be fixed. I will ask some friends with a 5 to double check this though.

--JonathanSeals (talk) 15:57, 29 December 2017 (UTC)

I did a fresh restore to iOS 6.1.4 and installed 8.4 through CoolBooterCLI 0.8.4 without using the backup file that I had created before restoring. CoolBooter booted up 8.4 without problems when I rebooted first, but 8.4 kernel panicked when I plugged in the cable for a short second before launching CoolBooter. I don’t know exactly why this happens, but I have discovered that some things seem to “leak” between the two versions installed. Other examples include:
  1. I got LTE service running installing 9.0.2->6.0 through CoolBooter, but not after downgrading to 6.1.4 as my primary OS. There was still no LTE when booting 6.1.4->6.0, but I got LTE service in 8.4 when I installed that instead. To my surprise, that persisted, giving me LTE service in my main OS (6.1.4) for the first time since downgrading (some 4-5 months earlier). After restoring to 10.3.3 and then back to 6.1.4, LTE was missing again. After installing 8.4 through CoolBooter the next day, it came back once again. At least one other user on Reddit told me that he got LTE service back this way.
  2. When I ran 9.0.2->6.0 and booted back into the primary OS, the screen went black before the it lit up again with the Apple logo, which was what happened when I rebooted 9.0.2 too. Now that I run 6.1.4->8.4, however, a spinning wheel is shown before the screen goes black, which is exactly what happens when I reboot 6.1.4 and not what happened when I rebooted 8.4 when running that. Whether the spinning wheel is shown before the device reboots thus appears to depend on the primary OS version, not the secondary version (I know that it’s before, since the same happens when using the halt command to shutdown instead of rebooting).
I hope you don’t mind if I update the article so that it mentions combinations involving iOS 6 rather than just iOS 6 targets. I would gladly send you boot logs if you tell me where to find them.
PS. I think I read somewhere that you now have Trevor Schmitt on board as a developer. If you can confirm this, I’ll add his name to the infobox.
Gjest (talk) 06:36, 2 January 2018 (UTC)