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Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPhone 4 N90AP 16GB 4.1-7.1.2 Yes Testing things (dual boots, internal cfw's)
iPhone 4S N94AP 16GB 5.1.1-8.1.1 Yes Dualboots (mostly)
iPhone 5 N42AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes Used for Dualboots also, broken power button.
iPhone 5s N53AP 16GB 10.3.3 No Goodn't screen.
iPhone 6 N61AP 64GB 9.3.3 No Rare ftw
iPhone 6 Plus N56AP 64GB 12.5.5 Yes My Moms old phone.
iPhone 6s N71AP 64GB 12.1.2 Yes Older Dualboots, crap battery and vb motor. ic bypassed.
iPhone 7 Plus D11AP 32GB 14.8 Yes iCloud Bypassed, used for testing newer dualboots.
iPhone XR N841AP 256GB 14.8 Yes Current main device.


Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPad 1 K48AP 16GB-64GB 5.1.1 Yes Should exploit iOS 5 HFS
iPad Air J71AP 16GB 10.3.3? Yes Trying to dual boot
iPad mini P105AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes 3x
iPad mini 4 J96AP 64GB 10.0.2 Yes Cracked Display and dented back.
iPad Air 3 J217AP 64GB 14.2 Yes Main iPad.


Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPod Touch 1 N45AP 16GB 2.2.1 No -
iPod Touch 2 N72AP 32GB 4.2.1 No -
iPod touch 4 N81AP 32GB 6.1.5 Yes Need to decrypt apps.
iPod touch 4 N81AP 8GB 6.1.6 No Need to decrypt apps also.
iPod touch 4 N81AP 8GB 6.1.x No Broken Screen


Device Variant Color Storage Notes
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2011) MacbookPro8,2 (Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM) Silver 180GB NoOS, dead gpu.
MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) MacBookPro18,3 (8 core M1 Pro with 16 GB RAM) Space Grey 500GB Main MacBook