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This article discusses software internally used by Apple.

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Touch ID
Touch ID Icon.png
Original author(s) Apple Inc.
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Stable release 3.1.1
(latest known version)
Operating system iOS
Available in English
License Closed source


Touch ID, officially called 'MesaStoreDemo', was an internal app installed on Retail Demo units in Apple stores around the world. It was introduced alongside the iPhone 5s, which was the first iPhone to include a fingerprint scanner, and installed on every iPhone demo unit up until the release of the iPhone X, which replaced Touch ID withe a facial recognition system called Face ID. The purpose of the Touch ID app was to allow customers to go through a simulated Touch ID setup and test out the fingerprint scanner on the phone without the phone permanently remembering their finger, rendering it useless to the next customer who wants to test it out. The app was eventually phased out when Apple began removing Touch ID device from their stores and replacing them with iPhone X devices, which included the Face ID Demo app, which serves a very similar purpose, except it's for testing out the facial recognition features of the newer iPhone models.

Technical Details

Platform Build of 1.1 is 11A465, one version lower then the earliest iPhone 5s Firmware. Version 1.0 has a Platform Build of 11A445, which sits between two known internal builds of iOS 7; 11A443 and 11A447. Older versions of the app, which are called '' (1.0) or '' (1.1) require an ARMv7 processor, while newer versions of the app, which all go by the name '', add support for ARM64 processors as well.

Inside the Info.plist file, '' and '' are set to true.



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