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This template is for use on the prototypes page. It has a very simple format:

 | image   = 
 | caption = 
 | date    =
 | summary = 
 | specs   = 
   {{spec|SPEC NAME|SPEC VALUE|COMMENT}}<!-- Repeat as needed -->
 | gallery = 
   <!-- ... -->


  • image: The name of the image of the prototype. Do not include the [[File: and friends; they are added by this template.
  • caption: A caption for the image located at image.
  • date: The earliest available date of discovery. Please use {{date}}.
  • summary: A summary of the prototype including where it was first discovered and (optionally) where more information about the prototype can be obtained. This is not to be used as a detailed description. If a detailed description is needed, please create a page for the device and set the section header to be a link to the page.
  • specs: A list of specs for the prototype. Please use the {{spec}} template only once per line.
  • gallery: A gallery of photos of the prototype. Please use a maximum of five. If more than five are available, consider creating a page for the prototype as described above in summary.