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it would be interesting to see the experiences of anyone that has tried this unlock method

This is the original thread on hackint0sh, initiated by Zf. -caique2001-

MCC=1 MNC=1 issue

Update: Besides from technical discussions if the method harms the cellular network or not, some words about current 'policies' from my provider, O2 Germany. There seem to sit some funny guys on the desks reacting on upcoming 001/01 requests their way: Suddenly (during service) my phone had been SIM locked, giving a message "SIM locked". (Instead of SIM failure or No service.) Re-inserting the card did not change the message. Because this behavior was some kind of 'new' I decided to re-insert the official provider card (swisscom) without turboSIM. Again, no luck! It worked, at the end, after rebooting the phone. When I put my SIM in an unlocked phone, I noticed 5 strange binary messages, appearently proactive messages that interfered with turboSIM and did not work as expected. But at least one (the last, that I couldn't see for obvious reasons) succeeded ;-) So, funny guys at O2 Germany, taking the challenge of killing service via SMS. (A day before I received messages that my service number for short messages was not correct. But it was. So, beginning on something happen at O2...)

Working and stable

I've been using this method for 6 days, and its stable. I can make/receive calls, send/receive SMS and connect to EDGE network. Can't confirm 3G, as its not available in my country.