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Verbose mode

Anyone care to elaborate on how to enable a verbose restore like in this video?

RE: Verbose mode

you need to patch iBoot to redirect the pointer of the ramdisk boot-args string somewhere else, where you have a string that is the ramdisk boot-args as well as the -v arg. kinda hacky, but that's what I did and it worked :)

RE: RE: Verbose mode

That is hacky indeed, but I'll try and figure out how to. Thanks Chronic.

Verbose mode, again

Now that the source of 0wnboot is public, I see what you did to enable -v ramdisks. However, how would I convert this to something that can be run on a device other than a 2G (aka some simple mw's)? I know, it's kind of a n00by question to ask, but -v looks useful and I know almost nothing about ASM.

Also, another question that will make me look stupid; how do you boot from a ramdisk on 2.x? I remember doing it on 1.x, but obviously things have changed. I tried looking at what QuickPwn does, but it's not completely obvious.. It sends iBSS and iBoot (well, it looks like it, from it's temp files that it creates), and boots into them (?, doing this actually boots into iPhone OS), then sends the ramdisk, kernel, and DeviceTree. After this, they must execute the ramdisk. If I were to try to emulate this process using a tool such as iRecovery, what exactly would I do? I've tried setenv boot-args rd=md0, but from what I remember, boot-args are ignored on 2.x.. Any help would be appreciated.