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I always wondered who they were?

Chronic why are you ignoring your own "ground rules" already?

I'm not. quite to the contrary. I am ignoring the controversy that surrounded IPSF, and I am simply giving credit where credit is due

You are very misinformed. And you're not on the dev team. And yet you are claiming as a matter of fact that devteam members created IPSF. That isn't against your own ground rules?

"(according to a few people that were around at the time, but not confirmed by the devteam)"

added an extra part there. i mean no harm in my intentions, change the wording as you see fit, but don't downright remove something

Chronic, I'm not allowed to remove inaccuracies and unconfirmed rumors? Are you allowed to?

Could you please leave your nick just behind the comments, for simpler reading? Thanx. -caique2001-

About SHA-1 Zero exploit

I understood how it works, but how IPSF got their uploaded data to have the last 4 bytes of it's hash zeroed?


- Oranav

Brute force, 2^32 isn't much -- geohot