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Um, on any Mac OS block device diskXsY has a character device counterpart called rdiskXsY, so rdisk0* is just a character device for accessing the flash.

! Ahh! Thanks for that correction MiW


on the same topic as above...rdisko is not you know what ramdisk means? :)

I do know what a ramdisk means yes! Why is it so strange that there would exist a ramdisk device node? The device must read the ramdisk contents from flash before it copies to ram right?

Ive had my device for a little under 4 days now, and from a linux background so I am not totally sure how OSX/BSD handles it all. Im just trying report all the info I find. MiW

Also, maybe add /dev/kmem and /dev/mem as blocked nodes

"blocked nodes"? Does the kernel prevent the user from reading from these nodes? Oh and i am totally right about the GPS.

MiWs-IPhone:/usr/libexec root# strings locationd82 | grep dev


my bad

Sorry about that dude, didn't notice the GPS thing. I'll be sure to use the edit button next time :)

Now that I think of it, you made a simple mistake that anyone could have made. To clarify:<br /dev/rdisk0 - Raw Disk
/dev/rd0 - Ramdisk

Yes, you are correct about the blocking. The only way to get access again is a LOT of kernel patches as well as some userland patches, such as to launchd. The only person who has been able to accomplish this is scotty2, a great hacker, but he seems to have disappeared :( The only other time we had access was in 1.0.2 when they were not blocked nodes

Dev Nodes *subject to change*


i think we should cover something about the way Xcode mangles your iPhone when in "developer" mode (which really just means it restricts it even further

for insance a whole new dev node /dev/disk1 is created which houses the gay developer files/sandbox

xcode loads a ram disk image every time a dev phone is connected...