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Are the Wifi and Bluetooth chips really under control of the baseband processor? It is likely they interface through SPI or similar with the main processor. Wifi chip is not in the baseband (both are in the comm board tho), they are not directly linked, although the baseband contain wifi MAC address and calibration data. The main OS transfer the information between them (please check this) --dranfi

Question about FieldTest

I'm trying to get some information from baseband, kind of like what is displayed on the I've tried to call _CTServerConnectionNetworkMonitorCopyFieldTestInfo function - But I don't see anything in response. I'm getting 0s buffer. I think I need to specify which field exactly I want to have. someone can help with that ? -goshong

some remarks on restructuring

There were some pages that contained similar information, so I moved things a little bit. Currently is not perfect, because actually there is a difference between

Not that it was more correct before... Maybe someone could make it clearer. -caique2001-

Baseband Activation Hash

I was poking around an iOS 5.0.1 OTA update, and I found some strings relating to the baseband.

-BbActivationManifestKeyHash -BbCalibrationManifestKeyHash -BbChipID -BbProvisioningManifestKeyHash At least, I think Bb refers to the baseband. Not sure. Is any of this important? --rdqronos 12:13, 24 November 2011 (MST)