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This is the baseband chipset used in the iPhone. It is also known as the PMB8876.

Secpack 1.0

This is the S-Gold 2 security section on files it is uploading. It is at 0x1A4-0x9A4 in fls and eep files.


0x0 -- RSA Signature, decrypted with key 2
0x200 -- Descriptor + Unused Code
0x77C -- Magic 0x01FEDABE
0x780 -- Sections(PA, Virtual Length, Physical Length, Flags)

Known Firmware Versions


03.06.01_G    1.0     (Build 1A420)
03.11.02_G    1.0.0   (Build 1A543a)
03.12.08_G    1.0.1   (Build 1C25)
03.14.08_G    1.0.2   (Build 1C28)
04.01.13_G    1.1.1   (Build 3A109a)
04.02.13_G    1.1.2   (Build 3B48b)
04.03.13_G    1.1.3   (Build 4A93)
04.04.05_G    1.1.4   (Build 4A102)
04.0?.??_G    1.2b    (Build 5A147p)
              2.0b2   (Build 5A225c)
              2.0b3   (Build 5A240d)
              2.0b4   (Build 5A258f)
              2.0b5   (Build 5A274d)
              2.0b6PR (Build 5A292g)
              2.0b6F  (Build 5A308)
              2.0b7   (Build 5A331)
04.05.04_G    2.0GM   (Build 5A345)
              2.0     (Build 5A347)
              2.0.1   (Build 5B108)
              2.0.2   (Build 5C1)
              2.1b    (Build 5F90)
              2.1     (Build 5F136)
              2.2b    (Build 5G29)
              2.2b2   (Build 5G53)
              2.2     (Build 5G77)
              2.2.1   (Build 5H11)
              3.0b    (Build 7A238j)
              3.0b2   (Build 7A259g)
              3.0b3   (Build 7A280f)
              3.0b4   (Build 7A300g)
              3.0b5   (Build 7A312g)
              3.0GM   (Build 7A341)
              3.0     (Build 7A341)
              3.0.1   (Build 7A400)
              3.1b    (Build 7C97d)
              3.1b2   (Build 7C106c)
              3.1b3   (Build 7C116a)
              3.1     (Build 7C144)
              3.1.2   (Build 7D11)
              3.1.3   (Build 7E18)


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