Reboot (iBoot command)

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iPhone 3GS 8920x from iBoot-636.66


N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60     ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60     ; Attributes: noreturn bp-based frame
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60     n88ap__iBoot__reset_function            ; DATA XREF: N88AP_iBoot:n88ap__iBoot__reset�o
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60                                             ; N88AP_iBoot:n88ap__iBoot__reboot�o
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60     oldR7           = -8
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60     oldLR           = -4
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F60 000                 PUSH    {R7,LR}         ; Push registers
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F62 008                 ADD     R7, SP, #0      ; Rd = Op1 + Op2
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F64 008                 BL      sub_4FF18638    ; Branch with Link
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F68 008                 MOVS    R0, #0          ; Rd = Op2
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F6A 008                 BL      sub_4FF19184    ; Branch with Link
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F6A     ; End of function n88ap__iBoot__reset_function
N88AP_iBoot:4FF00F6E     ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------