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Developer(s) Jonathan Levin (@Morpheus______)
Initial release 3 March 2017; 6 years ago
Stable release 1.1 / 25 December 2017; 5 years ago
Development status Current
Available in English
Type Jailbreaking
License Freeware
Website Version 1.0 (tvOS 10)
Version 1.1 (tvOS 11)

LiberTV is a semi-untethered jailbreak released for tvOS. Developed by Jonathan Levin (Morpheus), the original LiberTV was released on 3 March 2017, supporting tvOS 10.0-10.1. A new version was released on 24 December 2017, supporting tvOS 11.0-11.1.

LiberTV works in the same way as yalu and the later versions of Pangu9, by sideloading an IPA using saurik's Cydia Impactor.

After version 1.0 was released, Levin stated that LiberTV is also able to support tvOS 9.1-9.2.2, and support will come in a future update. However, this never happened. Levin also stated that support for tvOS 10.1.1 is possible, and that LiberTV would be updated for 9.1-10.1.1 once he has found a suitable bug. This update was never released as he instead opted to release an 11.0-11.1 version instead.

Because the 11.x uses a bug that was introduced in XNU 4570 (proc_info list_uptrs) for its information leak, there are no plans to back port LiberTV to older versions, which are obsolete anyway. LiberTV 11 is the first jailbreak to make use of the QiLin toolkit