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iLog software used by AppleCare support staff.

iLog is the support system used by AppleCare support staff. It allows AppleCare employees to view key important information about your device, such as it's IMEI, Carrier, and network lock status. It also provides a way to view all support cases for your device, including repairs, along with providing quick and easy access to device manuals and support documents AppleCare representatives can also opt to network unlock 'any' (including AT&T locked devices) iPhone through iLog by clicking on the padlock next to the 'Wireless #' field. However, Apple will not do this for 99% of cases as unlocking this way without consulting the carrier would be a breach of the agreement between the carrier and Apple.

iLog can be downloaded as an app via iDesk (Internal Site).

Version History

  • 4.0 (Previous version)
  • 5.0 (Latest version)