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iFPGAs are Apple's internal field-programmable gate arrays and are used for prototyping new device models before manufacturing.


A variant of iFPGA is called FastSim, which is likely derived from "Fast Simulation". References to the "FastSim" name are scarce online, but one possible match for Apple's use of it is http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~wwt/fastsim/index.html, which is a micro-architecture simulator.

List of Known iFPGAs

iFPGA devices with "sim" in the name are FastSim.

SoC Device BORD
S7002 s7002simdev 0xFD
S8000 s8000simdev 0xFD
s8000fpgadev 0xFF
S8001 s8001simdev 0xFD
s8001fpgadev 0xFF
S8003 s8003simdev 0xFD
s8003fpgadev 0xFF
T8002 t8002simdev 0x3D
t8002fpgadev 0x3F
T8004 t8004simdev 0x3D
t8004fpgadev 0x3F
T8010 t8010simdev 0xFD
t8010fpgadev 0xFF
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