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All Mac models with Apple Silicon

Version Build Keys Release Date IPSW Download URL SHA1 Hash File Size Documentation
13.0 22A380 Mac 24 October 2022 UniversalMac_13.0_22A380_Restore.ipsw 348f49da377d8c394672d1b2800d23452a1d6215 12,197,669,257 Release Notes
Security Notes
13.0.1 22A400 3 November 2022 UniversalMac_13.0.1_22A400_Restore.ipsw 9635facb4c0b5dd23026097494316d6dc162594d 12,197,932,579 Release Notes
Security Notes
13.1 22C65 13 December 2022 UniversalMac_13.1_22C65_Restore.ipsw 10acbcbfb18bc4c9f00ec58c6137e963eb51beba 12,279,576,859 Release Notes
Security Notes