Boot-args (iBoot variable)

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This variable is ignored in firmware >=2.0 when booting to NAND. See also Talk:Restore Mode These can be booted with a patched iBoot, redsn0w does this when you set custom bootargs.

Known Settings

  • "rd=md0 nand-enable-reformat=1 -progress" (Used in restore (and update?) ramdisks)
  • pmd= (used in the Ramdisk Hack)
  • 1 (?)
  • "-v" (Verbose boot)
  • auto-boot (true/false. False does not try to boot the kernelcache)
  • backlight-level (value from 1 to 128 for backlight level)
  • debug=# (# can be replaced with 0x09 for kernel debugging)