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This article discusses software internally used by Apple.

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Apple TV Demo Setup
Original author(s) Apple Inc.
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Stable release 3.5.0 / 24 May 2018; 12 months ago
Operating system macOS
Size 165,281 bytes [APP]
Available in English
License Closed source

When iOS devices are to be used for demo purposes, they are restored with a special demo restore bundle that contains demo apps and restrictions. Unfortunately, flashing an Apple TV with demo content is not as easy. This is where Apple TV Demo Setup comes in.

When launched, the application will check for any Apple TVs paired to the host Mac (via Paired When found, it begins to transfer demo content located in /private/var/tmp/AppleTV/ to any paired Apple TVs. The process takes about an hour.


The most recent build at the time of writing installs the following applications onto the Apple TV:

If a demo app is paid, Setup will install a special "retaildemo" build of it instead, which typically only allows customers to experience select portions of the app.

Setup will also install a profile called Retail Demo Mode onto the Apple TV, which sets to Channel in the defaults domain The payload identifier is shepherd.demo.