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My real name is George.

I'm a computer and mobile technology enthusiast and in my free time usually I like to learn and experience myself about how tech works. I've developed an attraction for iPhone and iDevices long time ago when I got my 1st iPhone 3G. I like to mess with Ramdisks, Jaibreaks, Patches, ROOT FS, exploits and so on and I also created a community where I share my research / knowledge.

My main activity is Programmer and Security Analyst for an Antivirus and Monitoring company. I code at work and in my free time.

Why GeoSn0w nickname? Geo comes from George, my real name. I got Sn0w, as many others, from the original idea of Ultrasn0w. All together results in GeoSn0w.


Device Color Firmware Comments
iMAC Mid 2007 Black and Silver El Capitan Personal
iPod Touch 1st Generation Black and Silver (the back) 3.1.3 Personal
Apple TV 3G Black 7.1 Personal
iPhone White 1.0.0 Personal
iPhone 3G Black 4.0.1 Personal
iPhone 4 Black 7.1.2 Personal
iPhone 4S Black 9.1.1 Development
iPhone 5 Gray 9.2 Development
iPhone 5S Black 9.1.2 Development
iPhone 6 Space Gray 10.1.1 Development
iPod Touch 6th Generation Gold 10.0.2 Personal

Me on the Internet