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The following wiki administrators would be happy to set up a wiki account for you. Just send one of them a note saying that you'd like an account on TheiPhoneWiki, and include your preferred username and email address.


From User:5urd: "If you would like an account, please contact me by email only; any other method will be ignored. Be sure to include your name and the username you request in the email, otherwise I will ignore your request."


  • I'm taking account creation requests at Sexy.Mai waifu m. You need to supply a username— no username, no account. (Requests sent via any other method may be rejected.)

After you send the request, please delete this email from your contacts list! I'm tired of receiving invites to sites like Dropbox and LinkedIn.


Contact me on Twitter for a new account to this wiki.


If you're contacting me to get an account on this wiki, please include your desired username. The wiki will email you a temporary password.


If you want an account, please list the username you want and the email address you want to use on the wiki. It will email you a temporary password.